guess whose bizzack from their cancellation?

the only time i cancel someone(s) is if they murder,
or commit any kind of other heinous act against another.
i may give cancellation points if you’re:

Sidebar: I’ve never met a rude celeb.
They say don’t meet your heroes but I’ve been lucky.

everyone was all set to cancel will smith over “slap gate” at the oscars.
i had my feelings about it but i wasn’t gonna cancel him.

When folks cancel half of white Hollywood for their shenanigans…
we can chat.

it wasn’t looking too good for will months after,
but it looks like all is moving forward

…and i’ll be tuning in.
i’m glad it isn’t him on the moon or a period piece.
i always liked will’s “regular person getting into some shit” kind of movies.

i feel like no one truly gets canceled these days.
folks will act like angry wives over what others do they don’t like,
especially public figures and celebrities.
they’ll whine and complain but they’ll tire and move on.
like the husband,
they’ll do something nice and all is forgiven and forgotten.
the foxhole knows the plays of folks with a wifi connection.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “guess whose bizzack from their cancellation?”

  1. Maya Rudolph isn’t the most pleasant. I was a bartender at a venue that had a lot of events and concerts w celebs. She was extremely rude to the server taking care of her. Come to find out she has a rep for that.

    Elle Varner used to come to a charity event hosted there every year. Her first 2 times, she was soo humble and sweet to me. I ended up leaving by the 3rd year she came, and my friend/former coworker called me like, ‘can you believe Elle Varner wouldn’t order from me? She was right in my face and telling (presumably her mgr) what she wanted. Wouldn’t acknowledge me’..

    Sorry to break it to yall, but Rihanna did the same thing at the Barclay’s Center 40/40 Club grand opening. Would not acknowledge the bartender in her face, and went thru some handler.

    A simple ‘thank you, but he’s gonna order for me’ would suffice.

    Beyonce came and was pleasant to the entire staff. So, it’s possible.

  2. Ain’t nobody cancelling Will because he did what most people wanted to do to Chris Rock. Its gon take his probation period from the Oscars before they nominate another Black guy anyway!

  3. If they thought Will would be canceled for slapping another Black Man they thought wrong. Now if Chris was white then they would’ve lost it.

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