guess whose bizzack from their cancellation?

the only time i cancel someone(s) is if they murder,
or commit any kind of other heinous act against another.
i may give cancellation points if you’re:

Sidebar: I’ve never met a rude celeb.
They say don’t meet your heroes but I’ve been lucky.

everyone was all set to cancel will smith over “slap gate” at the oscars.
i had my feelings about it but i wasn’t gonna cancel him.

When folks cancel half of white Hollywood for their shenanigans…
we can chat.

it wasn’t looking too good for will months after,
but it looks like all is moving forward

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The Emancipation of The Fox Who Created His Own Restrictions

I woke up with an Epiphany this morning.
Before I could wipe the cold out my eyes and pop a toothbrush in my mouth,
I was awoken by the sound of my inner voice screaming.
Sounds psycho, I know.
But, I have been feeling somewhat… down and disgusted these last few days.
I have been feeling “tired”, “worried”, and “over it”.
It has been making me sick and throwing up.
Somehow and somewhere, I picked up bad acid reflux or something.
I would rather be in bed sleep than actively doing anything.
And when I had to go somewhere, I wasn’t fully invested.
I must have been hit with some kind of depression that crept on me like a vine.

But, where THE FUCK did it come from?…

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