anti gay minister, jesse lee peterson, is an amazing disgrace?

they say hit dogs holler.
i’m gonna say anti-gay pastors always holler when not hit.
they like getting hit but thats another story.
i’m not surprised at the colorful pasts of many hating pastors these days.
they’ll condemn being gay when they’ve racked up participation points.
a foxholer sent me a story about the alleged exposure of anti-gay minister,
jesse lee peterson

Jesse Lee Peterson is not only an influential religious and conservative political figure but also a rising star in the “manosphere,” a growing online right-wing movement that prizes toxic masculinity and shuns, well, everything and everyone else (including – you guessed it – men who have sex with men).

The Daily Beast was first to publish the allegations against Peterson, by two male associates who claimed in on the record interviews in June with Church Militant – a far-right Catholic website – that the minister engaged in sexual congress with them and propositioned others.  
sooooooooo he is anti-everything too?
in the same article:

Speaking about Black unemployment in 2012, Peterson said, “One of the things that I would do is take all Black people back to the South and put them on the plantation…They need a good hard education on what it is to work.” South Africa was better under apartheid, Peterson said. Nelson Mandela was “an evil man,” but Donald Trump? “The Great White Hope.”

That same year, Peterson claimed, “one of the greatest mistakes America made was to allow women the opportunity to vote.” Women “can’t handle power in the right way,” they “have no patience” and “don’t have love,” he said. In other broadcasts, he has said women should not orgasm during sex because sexual climax is a masculine pursuit.

“vixens shouldn’t orgasm because it’s masculine” showed his gayness to me.
wtf are you even talking about?
does this demon have fans again?

i’m sure it’s a ton of incels that are angry at the world.
another thing i’ve learned about these types?

They are fuckin’ miserable.

…and want everyone to be miserable with them.
once they are exposed,
you’ll see just how awful,
and gay af that they actually are.
i think they got hurt by another male and go “scorched earth”.
the same tends to go for the ones who hate black vixens.
they got hurt and they’ll go out their way to slander every black vixen.
the same applies to black vixens who slander black males nowadays.
there is always a method to the madness if you pay attention.

watch these for more:

lowkey: i’m so glad i don’t know these creatures until ya’ll tell me.

article cc: blade

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “anti gay minister, jesse lee peterson, is an amazing disgrace?”

  1. Shameful. Sounds like he had a bunch of issues. The hypocrisy is why churches are dying

    I hope I won’t go to Hell for thinking some of those guys are cute. I hope they’ve found peace. I’m inclined to say they’re closested too. I mean, they couldn’t possibly be so naïve that they didn’t realize what was going on when dude started getting undressed

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