anti gay minister, jesse lee peterson, is an amazing disgrace?

they say hit dogs holler.
i’m gonna say anti-gay pastors always holler when not hit.
they like getting hit but thats another story.
i’m not surprised at the colorful pasts of many hating pastors these days.
they’ll condemn being gay when they’ve racked up participation points.
a foxholer sent me a story about the alleged exposure of anti-gay minister,
jesse lee peterson

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I Can’t. The Bible Said It Wasn’t Okay.

tumblr_m8kcymysy51qkz17zo1_1280many people in life don’t know who they are.
at one point,
even i didn’t know who i was.
when it comes to being “gay” or even “bi”,
people don’t like to embrace it.
now embracing doesn’t mean coming out the closet with poom poom shorts in tow.
it also doesn’t mean you have to announce it to the world.
it simply means just knowing this is who you am and what you like.
should not be complicated,
plus it allows you to not be so fuckin’ messy round dese parts.
how does one,
who is gay/bi but raised in the church,
fully try to accept himself and cast out everything he was taught?
corinthricleslations 123: 64 says:

thou shall not be anything BUT straight.
or you go to hell.
plain and simple.

well this morning i got an interesting phone call to test that theory

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