kanye west stars in “the angry and rebellious slave”

i still can’t believe i use to stan heavy for kanye west.
lawd ham mercy.
what a disappointment he turned out to be.
kanye lost the rest of his marbles today.
he was on another level of buggin’.
i un-followed him a long time ago,
but someone kept liking this nonsense so it popped up on my twitter tl.
this fool is gonna piss on an award he earned…

that’s right!
you pee on that grammy.
that’ll teach em.
he was going off about the industry being modern day slavery.
( x you can read all about here )
i thought slavery was a choice?

his dumb ass got temporarily banned off twitter today for the shenanigans.
i’m sure some hotep is gonna defending this,
saying they are trying to shut up him up for speaking the truth,
but i’m starting to think they’re all just as koo koo as he is.
can we call out all the rappers who were saying vote for him to be president?
they all have bad decision making and need to collectively be cancelled.

When are the men in the white coats gonna get his ass?

he needs to go.
i feel like as soon as the kardashian’s show comes to an end,
kim’s marriage to kanye will end too.

…until it becomes a liability and starts fuckin’ up her money.

lowkey: another thing kanye said bugged tf out…

since when does land cost 1200?
if that’s the case,
we should have all purchased land within a month’s check.
how do folks cover the other fees after the land is purchase?

fuckin’ dumb ass.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “kanye west stars in “the angry and rebellious slave””

  1. I hate it how often people use the, “they’re trying to silence this person”, response. They say that about the things he says, and the misinformation about the virus.

    I don’t really like West like that, but I’m also kinda worried about him. Is that wrong?

  2. This person is pure “Evil” . He is not suffering from any ” Mental” health illness. His actions are calculated.

    I know people with Mental health issues and would never harm others, or themselves using the methods that this Demon has!!

    He has a wonderful life ,yet needs to cause havoc and discord with others and especially African Americans.

    I can’t understand why people like him, Trump and Hitler are allowed to behave this way without retribution from the Universe.

    1. I think it’s unfair to say he’s not suffering from “‘mental’ health issues.” He has previously and publicly stated that he suffers from bipolar disorder, and his mood swings and manic episodes appear to mirror what a bipolar person who is not taking their meds would experience. I say this not to excuse his behavior, but to explain at least some of it.

  3. I can see him and Kim getting a divorce too. There is no way she can be in a happy marriage with him and I feel he will get worse when as he gets older. The man has serious mental health issues and it is just a matter of time until he really goes off the deep end.

    1. With the mood swings that they go through, especially if not taking their meds, I’m sure he is nasty as hell to her. My aunt showed us a video of my cousin going off on them after he had not taken his medication for a while. It was scary. He is bipolar as well.
      He is so calm and normal acting while on his meds though.

      I just pray they can get Kanye to continually take his meds.

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