tam’ron hall got chris evans comfortable enough to open up


Tam’ron Hall is having the best season 2 opening week ever!

she had that major exclusive with andrew gillum.
she got chris evans to give up the goods about his pipe leakage…

goooooooooo tam’ron!
as for chris:

he still looks mortified.
aww chris,
you’ll be fine babe.
i think he handled it pretty well.
his team was on operation “SHUT IT DOWN NOW“,
but they should know what’s on the internet will never die.

This could all have been a ploy for whatever project he has coming up

if not,
it’s a good way to bring attention to it.
he’ll be fine.
there is a new scandal approaching in 5, 4, 3…

lowkey: i watched a show on apple tv+ with chris called “defending jacob”.
it was reallllly good.

Author: jamari fox

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