tyga has some new content coming out for only his fans

tyga has nice skin.
i noticed that first before that random’s ass as she sunbathed.
times are really hard or folks know people are horny af.
tyga is the next to debut his…


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he might change the game showing his world bts,
but judging from that picture.

I rue the day onlyfans started becoming mainstream.

*spits on floor*
it’s over run with raggamuffins who be scamming and giving weak strokes.
the sex work market is becoming saturated with nonsense.
not only that…

It’s the folks we don’t want to see bts or even naked.

why can’t an artist i truly lust for start an onlyfans?
the day he gets one:

banished or not,
i’m signing up.

lowkey: a foxholer sent me benzino’s entry into the “onlyfans” world.


is this why they was fighting over him on lhhatl?

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6 thoughts on “tyga has some new content coming out for only his fans”

  1. He reminds me of the kind of guy I like. From the suburbs but pretending to be hood. I like fake thugs. Don’t judge me.
    Marge Simpson looking down meme

  2. Tyga? I think we have seen his pipe before. I am not really a fan of his anyway lol. On the flip side, I think it is weird seeing so many men in the industry turn to OF after years of bashing women who show their bodies and are free spirited when it comes to sex.

    1. Society will always be quick to give a woman a thot tag over a nigga. Just the way it is. You right tho dudes out here full blown ho-ing now with this Onlyfans deal.

    1. Agreed. Sex work is WORK. People playing and it’s saturating the market with bullshit. The actual content creators with the good shit are slipping through the cracks.

  3. There’s something very sexy to me about Tyga so I’ll watch, but I’m not paying.

    BTW Benzino’s dick is photoshopped.

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