kamala harris is gonna be the next vp because of her shoe choices

i’m just gonna get right into it.

I’m not fully on the Kamala Harris train just yet.

something about her doesn’t ring genuine with me.
everyone was all fascinated because she was wearing chucks last week.

now they’re throwing up confetti because…

she had on timbs everyone!
i don’t even know what kind of timbs are on her feet.

they look like gentrified “2020” timbs.
what’s next?

Biden eating a chopped cheese,
wearing a Yankee fitted,

posed up with Desus and Mero outside a bodega?

this tweet is my entire energy on the antics tbh:

i was all set to see her dancing to “wap“.

i will say that i feel like she is gonna eat mike pence up in the debates.
i’d like to hear her answer why she is fuckin’ with biden now.
she called him a sexual predator and a racist during her campaign run.
i hope she knows pence is gonna bring that up.
anything is better than that orange demon and his goons,
but i’m not hyping her up as of yet.

Am I wrong for thinking this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “kamala harris is gonna be the next vp because of her shoe choices”

  1. I saw those kicks the other day and she should wear them. Those boots were cute on her being that she’s tough, qualified, experienced and young. What you wear makes a bold statement.

  2. This is a problem: Black people focusing on style, not substance –on photo opts and personalities and not policies, plans and programs. This is a recipe for being dumb, stupid and totally lacking of intelligence in politics!

    One definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting difference results. The comments here should be in the dictionary under “insanity” as an example.

  3. Whew the ignorance jumped out. Like where do I start. 1.) she was touring areas that have been devastated by wildfires— is the expectation that she’s going to wear heels or chucks?! Btw she literally wore these same shoes last year during a visit in Iowa. 2.) she never once called Biden a sexual predator or a race, if you don’t think people should question their opponents on past stances and their remarks then you don’t know what politics is. 3.) this is a BLACK woman, thee first black woman on a major party ticket, you’re allowed to see the significance of someone showcasing our culture to the masses. The fact that people think she’s pandering shows a significant lack of awareness on their part, do research instead of looking like Boo-Boo the fool.

  4. The focus on her shoes is a distraction. As others have said, let’s focus on her/their policies and getting out the vote. What we DON’T want is 4 more years of Trump. If you think the first four were bad, think about what can be done when re-election is off the table…

  5. I heard Amanda Seale say something that really captures what I want everyone to remember when they vote. While ppl are suddenly more skeptical about Biden Harris then they were about 45, we must remember one thing. While they’re are questions or doubts about what Biden Harris will do for ppl of color. We know what 45 will do, just look at his track record. And today’s announcement of “Patriotic Education” to indoctrinate children into the idea that slavery wasn’t what it was. It’s only going to get worse out here if he gets 4 more years.

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