jxdahparker said he isn’t bi because he doesn’t like his own dick

“I’m not gay/bi.”

that’s it.
it doesn’t need the rah rah.
it’s a simple sentence in your most respectful straight.
you can always tell who is bothered by how they react to being hit on by the same sex.
i mean if males trying to get at you too,
that should let you know you sexy sexy.
it’s usually not the “big bubba/jail rape” situation that is played out in nightmares.
so i saw a tweet that screamed “bothered“.
someone asked ig user @jxdahparker if he was bi on his ig stories.
he responded with this

“you don’t like your own dick“?
so you want a pussy?

it didn’t stop there because he went on to post this on his main feed:

did we need 4 paragraphs?
please lmk.

either he has been accused of being gay many times before.
you can tell by his responses that it bothers him.
after he got dragged,
he uploaded this:


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9:45 pm EST with @gem100000000 to LEARN. I am very uneducated when it comes to the LGBTQ community, and it showed in yesterday’s post. This is the internet, the hate won’t stop, I get that, but the apology is sincere regardless. The easy thing for me to do is to ignore those who were offended and tell you to deal with it. The RIGHT thing to do as a man is to realize how many people I pissed off, and take a look at myself to say, “yooo, this is all because of something YOU posted, so correct yourself before you try to tell an offended person that their feelings are invalid.” • For those hellbent on hate comments and accusations, I can’t converse with you. For those who hear my apology and my wanting to learn more about why what I posted was so offensive and idiotic, we can converse all day long. How can I expect a racist to hear the cries of the black community if I won’t take the time to hear the LGBTQ community. . . A real thank you to all the hate comments I got today, I woke up thinking that what I posted was a harmless joke and you all made me realize that I still have leaps and bounds to make in my own self development and awareness. If you all hadn’t outnumbered the people saying it was a just a joke and they laughed, I would’ve never known to look inward and see the problem within myself. Also, I’m really hoping to comprehend how exactly a gay person can say, “he’s gay!” Or “gay boy” or “come out already!” In the comments as if being gay is a negative. That part I am very confused on. Why use your sexuality as a weapon if peace is the goal? If I was gay I promise you everyone would know. Why would I hide it? Nobody should hide it. I been me for a while dog that’ll never change. To everybody that understand where I’m coming from. Thank you. To all of my gay friends I offended, I apologize genuinely, and look forward to the conversations we’ll have so that I can expand mentally and never post something so hurtful ever again. Everyone feel free to listen in at 9:45 PM EST.

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not an ig live with a gay friend.

well it sounds like dragging made him real dizzy.
i don’t think these ramblings helped him.
when males try their hardest not to look gay,
they end up looking gay.
when dl males try their hardest to not look like they’re attacted to another male,
they make themselves obvious they want to infiltrate his butt cheeks.
talking about violence is always the “yeah he gay” red flag.
no one should ever have you that bothered.
next time sir,
just say “nah im not gay/bi” and move on.

lowkey: i mean gay or bi males will hit on anyone who looks like this…


see his ig: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “jxdahparker said he isn’t bi because he doesn’t like his own dick”

    1. he opened his ig for questions. people asked a question and like Jamari pointed out it’s either yes or no HE DID THE ABSOLUTE MOST disrespected a whole community and we supposed to leave him alone? boy he still not gonna pick you when he decides to come out! I’m tired of you pick me’s so quick to turn on us for someone who would deck you if yal were caught in a moment of intimacy. have a good day love I won’t remember that I comment to come back and check so your response won’t be necessary. Thanks -Management

  1. But he not even that cute. Chile, please! He might not like his dick, but I bet he’s in love with his cakes, though.

    1. I thought the same thing! If it wasn’t for his body he would be just another average looking man. Not cute or handsome at all!!

  2. As a discreet bisexual man that dates women, I can tell you dudes like this are so common. They always react this way when the topic comes up. And after some drinks, in a private spot, they will be the one dropping clues and hints and trying to mess around.

    And they always make a move on guys like me who they find to be masculine enough and feel safe cuz me dating women in their mind makes me harder to spot. Sometimes I scare them off when I tell them the women I date know I’m bisexual.

    1. ^i know a few dudes like this too actually…

      they act so mean,
      but as soon as they get a truth serum in them,
      they all up in my cheeks like a thong…

  3. Let’s be honest, if he was unattractive and didn’t have a body would anyone care how he gets down…I think not.
    We spend too much time worrying about who’s gay or bi… I guess it can be annoying to him if people keep asking the same question.
    I respect him for at least apologizing…he didn’t have to do it. The Body is on point tho daaaaamn. 😋

    1. People asking him because he probably doing gay shit. When you see them flags you can pretty much tell.

  4. Never heard of this guy. Is he something other than an instathot to be holding a press conferences? “Nah I’m not gay.” Four simple words and move on with life. Instagram and all the gassing from thirsty folks really be having these basic dudes thinking they have Obama-like importance. Its wild.

  5. That Rosie Perez gif was all I needed. Everything else he said was Charlie Brown teacher, (inaudible language). When you need to make posts to clarify your sexuality with violence, you just came out the closet. Nobody has to fight that hard to say nah bro I’m straight. You want to fight somebody because they asked if you was gay… stop doing gay shit then. A simple no or turn it around and say I’m flattered even the gays like me. You don’t respect the community if you meet them with violence and they “allegedly” supposed to meet the floor. Do you know we have gays who will do that to you too? I can see if people threw themselves on you but to ask a question and get answered with violence is a serious problem. No rebuttal or retraction is going to make me renew your status, you canceled bruh. Who is this clown anyway?! I don’t know her!

    1. Looked at the title alone and deduced it was another one of these clowns but you bringing up threats made me go through it. Dude sounds like a whole homosexual and a half. Trying way too hard.

  6. It’s so common these days for ppl to just have sex with whomever and they don’t want to be label. He may got the sexy body but if you’re gonna address it, then you hiding something.

      1. The technical term will be DL but they will not own it…they’ll always say “I’m straight!” Just accept u like sexing dudes. This dude prob slept with a few.

  7. Its funny,, I used to work with a str8 dude who one day I asked him if he was gay or ever thought about doing something with a guy. Ofcourse he responded no but then he asked me “I must come off gay for you to ask me that” and I replied “no, you dont…but your attractive and it never hurts to ask” When I’m attracted to someone, I don’t see gay or str8, I just see the guy. Its kind of like innocent until proven guilty but in my mind, its curious/open until proven str8, lol

    Now granted, I pick and choose who to ask. Like I wouldn’t approach Chris Brown and ask that question (in my Teedra Moses voice: I’m too cute to fight, lol) but ppl that come off a little more nicer or understanding, I’ll ask. And a lot of times they react calmly to the question and apologize for not being gay, like its their fault, lmao

  8. He’s losing followers within the last hour of checking his profile. He was at 3300 something followers an hour ago to 3200 something followers lol

  9. No it’s not in your DNA to violently lash out, and catch a charge because a man finds u attractive smh. That hate and disdain is learned behavior. Typical self loathing closet case. The fact that he answered a simple yes or no question with a rah rah paragraph was telling. Too much energy was spent on that response. And out of all places he lives in ATLANTA, lmfaoooooo boy next caller.

  10. Cant understand WHY the need to be so long winded and the NEED to explain himself.
    Is he scared of losing his followers?
    THEN he said what he said was quote…”A JOKE”.

    Are you fucking kidding me?

    What ROCK does this guy live under?
    He claims NOT to understand LGBT people or issues?
    GTFOH with your self serving, look at me how gorgeous I am self.

    What do these guys expect from their social media followers?
    He’s on his page shaking his ass, going shirtless,
    ( Nice body BTW )
    Working his page and don’t expect to have GAY followers

  11. I’m probably just desensitized but why do “we” pay SOOOO much attenention to that one sentence of negativity? He said mad times he had no hate or animosity 🤷🏾‍♂️ we have GOT to stop taking EVERYTHING these niggas say so SERIOUS! Niggas bullshit all day and say shit they are NOT really gonna do, just cause he said a gay person would “be on the floor” does NOT mean he’s really gonna do it! Y’all take these niggas TOO serious (just think about every time you’ve said you were gonna “slap this bitch” now are you a women hater? 😉) men generally are not super “nice” if you are expecting the average male to coddle you or handle you with a “satin glove” then baby you are in for rude awakening, most straight men are gonna treat you like they treat OTHER straight men, ROUGH… doesn’t mean they hate us all the time

    1. Some gay guys work themselves up over nonsense. Every guy you meet or come across isn’t going be gay or bi.

      I personally think it’s so disrespectful to ask someone about their sexuality period. If I want you to know I will let you know, other wise leave alone.

      1. @Deron Williams-I personally think it’s so disrespectful to ask someone about their sexuality period. If I want you to know I will let you know, other wise leave alone.
        Man I so agree with this statement, why does everybody feel its there right to know someones sexuality anyway, I have never understood this concept.

        As far as this dude, he is young, so I will give him a pass, like most young dudes, he is just doing a lot of talking and would not do anything if somebody gay ran up on him, because if he has an Onlyfans and takes pics in this draws he cant act surprise or play like he is naive when gay dudes hit on him. These dudes love the gay attention until some female or some of their homies start questioning their sexuality and then they have all this “I got to prove to the world Im Str8” energy. He will be okay, it will be another idiot on social media tomorrow to say something even more outlandish to take the spotlight off of him.

      2. I disagree. Men don’t just ask another man’s sexuality just because, it is usually because they are interested in you. How is that disrespectful? I used to be this way when I started college. You don’t get men that way.

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