tory lanez and megan thee stallion had a “whitney and bobby kind of love”? (um, ew)

you can tell a person’s mind by the shit they say.
draya is way too beautiful to be this stupid.
well actually,
sometimes that goes hand in hand.
she was recently on a podcast where she talked about megan thee stallion’s situation.
as you know,
she was in a scandal with tory lanez and she ended up getting shot in the foot.
draya said this about it….

a bobby and whitney kind love?
so abuse and drug use?

is that what we’re aspiring to have?

well meg wasn’t too happy about what draya had to say.
this is what she said on her twitter:

draya was another one meg was hanging tough with:

people are funny.
when she came out with the “savage remix” with bey,
she was the shit.
she gets shot with some random pineapple she might have been with,
she is suddenly became the joke.
look the industry is just like corporate.


bey is one person who knows her power.
she doesn’t let just anyone in her circle.
rih seems very intricate on who she lets in her world.
for the most part,
i think she has a crew of folks she been cool with.
it’s all cute and fun until a scandal happens.
you’ll see how fast folks take sides and drop your ass.

i’m cool with people but i’m very private as well.
i am real low about me and mine.
i can hang tough with you and you know nothing about me.
i let you know what you need to know.
i can’t do “the mixxy“.
they tend to not be loyal.
this is a big lesson for meg in her come up within the industry.

She gotta move like an A-lister.

she gotta study how the a-list black folks move.
you can’t be too mixxy when you hold the power.
mystery is power.
i’m sure she will learn quickly how this all works.

lowkey: draya always goes through random vixens.
she doesn’t keep friends too long.
she already had her apology tweet drawn up:

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “tory lanez and megan thee stallion had a “whitney and bobby kind of love”? (um, ew)”

  1. Well clearly Draya is a woman as the old saying goes “I don’t believe my man loves me unless he hits me.”

  2. I like Draya. But I gasped when she said that. It was so tacky and revealing. I really did hate to see it.

    Sidebar: Meg is a stallion and I bet she from the Solange school of throwing hands. I wouldn’t try her.

  3. Draya don’t need to say nothing about anyone! She been run through more than the Brooklyn battery tunnel, and more loads put in her than Maytag,whirlpool and GE put together!

  4. This is coming from a woman who got mad because another woman doesn’t suck dick. She gives all women a bad name. She is a glorified Thot. Of course she likes that shit, look who she has been linked with.

  5. Draya has ALWAYS been bird-ish 🙄 i remember the first time I even found out who she was, it was bck In like 12’ When that Female basketball player Skylar Diggins was getting mad praise from rappers like Lil Wayne for being pretty, well Draya took her hatin ass to twitter to say how Skylar looks “ike a man” and she’s don’t see what they see in her, just real nasty, I knew then that she was nothin but trouble! then she really became social media famous and Confirmed my thoughts..

    1. ^ i mean she barely saw her kid from 1 to 5 according to the gossip forests.
      she has a lot of shit to get dragged for but continues to not give any fucks.
      she is bold.
      gotta give her that.

  6. Wow.. Ironically .. I referenced ‘Whitney and Bobby” to a post of yours ( prior to discovering that Meg was Shot). I was responding to your surprise that Meg was hanging with Tory .

    I stated : ” have you heard her lyrics ? ” ( Implying that she sings about being hood n savage)

    Jamari , I would and never condone violence in a relationship PERIOD!!!!!!.. Draya either has bad taste in humor , or is rather dumb to make such a statement. Its leaning more on sad that she ‘Wants a love that will shoot her ?????”. No ,no Draya this is never acceptable .

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