DeSean Jackson Makes It Rain In The Colony

I would love to be fuckin’ this one here.
When he spends… HE SPENDS.

Monday night Eagles WR Desean Jackson hit up Colony in Hollywood. As a baller and being that he’s in his city (close enough for this example), of course Desean had to twitpic something to illustrate how MAJOR “Jaccpot” is (that’s his crew I believe) He started with his bar tab receipt. 17 minutes in he had done $10,000 in damage. By the end of the night, $25,000. Did I mention he arrived to the club after midnight and L.A. clubs close at 2:00 AM (really about 1:50 is when the lights come up)

Oh in case you were curious, Desean Jackson’s contract pays him $470k and $565k next season under the contract he signed with the Eagles in 2008.

Lockout, what lockout?



You are already on my good side for helping that bullied kid on The View.
I want my rent paid for the year.
How about I scratch your back… and you lay me on mine? 


I need to teach him.

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10 thoughts on “DeSean Jackson Makes It Rain In The Colony”

  1. DeSean signed a rookie contract & he was a low draft pick. His showboating sometimes got him in trouble too. Once the lockout is over, I’m sure he’ll renegotiate — or I hope he would. In any case, he seems like a nice enough dude, if caught up a little in the bling-bling…he needs someone to help him settle down a little

  2. You already know..DeSean is grade-A wolf (daddy in my head). He’s tiny but his intelligence and swag is better than most of those dudes out on the field. Yeah, he needs to be paid more but he does have some nice endorsements and works with a lot on non-profits. They need to get him back on the field…we need another good season. 😉

  3. very cute but u know i like um big and beefy. hola at me when you got somthing on ray edwards

  4. Yeah sumthin is off with his salary o_O Desean is a cute lil thang. A spinner. He’s also a bit of a asshole tho. Oh well. I won’t fight you over this one. You can have him. Someone dropping 25gs in a few hrs doesn’t empress me. Especially when you aint makin atleast two point sumthin mil a year. And then to twitpic it? Ni**a please. Now somebody like Braylon Edwards paying for 100 kids college tuition—-That made me moist. Rich, handsome, and financially responsible…Id have his bath water waitin for him every night. Sh*t I’d even wash the dirt ring out the tub first 🙂

      1. What’s that I smell???? Oh it’s Jamarrrrio…Hi hater. You still mad Braylon chose me? Honey the only thang he had to drink that night was a lil shea juice…Straight up, no chaser 😉 neither he nor I were injured in said accident, and regardless of erroneous blog reports,,,we weren’t making out, having sex,,,and he surely wasn’t getting head. Nuh uhn honey I only does that on very special occasions…Mlk day, Tupacs birthday, and of course pay day 🙂

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