Wolf Networking: My Favorite Position.

Wolf hunting comes in many forms.

We can go to clubs.
We can try an bait one in public.
We can even go online and deal with that headache.
But sometimes, it just happens.
Preferably in a situation that you did  not think you would…
…or didn’t even try you hardest. 

But, Firefox met his new Wolf the way I think is perfect…

Firefox called me actually to cuss me STINK for not meeting up with him for dinner in the city last weekend.
He came up from his home state for Pride with a few of his friends and knew since that wasn’t my scene, he still wanted to see me.
I wasn’t in the mind frame to do anything that weekend,
so I did low key moves and kept it local.

He was telling me how a group of his friends from his state had people out in The Concrete Forest also going and that they were all going to collab for various events.
He wasn’t trying to even met anyone.
He just wanted to enjoy the city and have fun.
He mentally dismissed even trying to meet a Wolf.
So, the day they arrived,
they all got out their limos at the hotel.
All the  groups were meeting there but within the group,
the Wolf of his dreams was standing amongst the circle.
Now Firefox isn’t into black Wolves PERIOD.
He gave up on them a long time ago and started trying new stuff.
He likes the jocky All American White Wolves you see posing in Abercrombie and Hollister ads.
You know the type – muscular, tanned, flip flop sandal in the summer, and….

I’m not knocking his love for the swirl at all.
I have seen a few I’d like to pop my “swirl” cherry.
But, I don’t think they could someone handle me. 

he said that he immediately got quiet and gave an attitude.
He couldn’t understand WHY he was doing that.
Firefox is not a quiet kind of hybrid (Fox + Wolf).
He is actually quite the bit of the loud mouth and he tells it like how it is.
So when he told me he got quiet, I knew something was up.

He said that they went to lunch and he did not want to sit next to him.
He felt intimidated and did not want his feelings to be known.
(take note on that).
Finally during the lunch conversations, a topic of something they mutual liked came up and that is how they broke the ice.

He said it was just those two for the entire weekend.
It was them talking and finishing each other’ sentences.
Going out and being extremely close with each other.
He said that the final night they went to the club,
they went off into their own world of dancing and making out.
They did not fuck, but they exchanged numbers to continue getting to know each other.
He did say something to me that made me feel inspired:

“It was like the whole club went grey.
I saw nothing but him even though I was surrounded by other hot Wolves.
When you find your one Jamari, everything will turn gray.
You will experience what I experienced that night.”

I certainly did not experience that with D/L Wolf that night.
I was too busy sucking on his neck and eye fuckin’ a Wolf across from us. 

He met his Wolf through the “friends of friends” route.
I always feel like they are the perfect ways to meet people.
I like to call it “Wolf Networking”.
You go out and your friend invites their friends…
and one happens to be someone you want to be YOUR friend.
It puts you in the position to not only meet new people,
but meet the Wolf of your dreams.
You do not know who knows who that knows who.
You walk into a shindig and your favorite baller Wolf you crush on is there…or maybe even arrives later.

Easy, right?
It only works if your friend isn’t a hater and wants to hook you up.

I have been in situations were: 

1. Fox liked Wolf,
but was biding his time as friend until something never happened.
2. Fox and Wolf were already fucking their brains out.
3. Wolf was interested me,
but Fox decided to cock block (the worst type)
4.I thought he was a Wolf, but he was really a Fox

So my question to my Foxes (and even my Wolves)…

Have you ever done “Wolf/Fox Networking”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Wolf Networking: My Favorite Position.”

  1. If a party like that was to jump off i would make it to the one in atl. Sounds like a good idea need to make it happen!

  2. my question is when is jamari having a party that we can all go to and meet a few of his fox friends

    1. This is a great idea! I think you should make it happen, Jamari…and have Vain do one in ATL lol

      1. I wont be in ATL for much longer lol. But sure, why not? We can all play “Guess Who?” and figure out who belongs to which screen name.

  3. Yep, and it usually works out well. One of my best and worst relationships cames from this method (he ended up cheating on me, thus it became worse).

  4. It works, I have benefited from that network, its a great way to meet people and in my case if they are friends of a friend I am more likely to trust them than meeting a perfect stranger.

  5. I don’t have many friends that get down, but this is one of the reasons I try to be cordial to every dude I meet, even if I’m not attracted to them. That dude I’m NOT feeling could come with a friend I AM feeling.

  6. Yes I can say I have. One of my friends from college and one of my friends from my home town hit it off and to my surprise they are still together to this day. And my friends have tried to do that for me but it always ended up either question 1,3, or 4. Or #5 your friends wolf does not have any friend that get down

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