Miya Ingram is MAD at Jamari Fox!

So remember this entry I wrote on Mark Ingram?

Well, I got a nice comment in that comment box about it…

you dumb fuck ever heard of marketing i know mark ingram and he is very smart with his money just made 3 million of marketing so stfu and mind ya damn business youll never see half of what he makes – Miya Swanson

My only response is:


Wassup Mark!

oh and….

… my big chocolate teddy bear.

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9 thoughts on “Miya Ingram is MAD at Jamari Fox!”

  1. Huh??? So you trynna say that…is…and…ohhhhhhhhh. Mari you so damn messy! Just like when you left that floater in my toilet…I told you flush once for the balance and then a second time for the remainder. Just no shame what so ever…Let me ease ya mind honey…That aint marky…I know marky…Gave um a quick handyJ in the produce aisle at kroger…Hes good peeps 🙂

  2. Had to google this guy 4 I had never heard of him. Seems like him n momz done been through it with pops gettin locked up by the feds n what not. In regards to the original post I say more power to him. I’m all for atheletes being cautios and responsible as I stated in the Desean Jackson post, but this right hurre…Its his mama, it’s a car…Its all good…Now if he’d bought her a fleet of cars…Or given her a Janice Combs makeover-fur coat, platinum blonde wig, and coko’s swv nails circa 1995…Id be pissed 🙂

    1. i never dissed him like other blogs.
      i was actually pretty nice considering what was said about him.
      i was more-so looking at the other draftees with the ice… but haven’t even played yet and then we went into a lockout.

      so miya needs to stop skating on thin ice with over here…
      … before i have to push her in.

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