Larry Fitzgerald: Stacks on Stacks.

I did not think Larry was stacked like this…

But I’ll take my Chocolate Wolf who replaced Reggie Bush…

… on the right.

you know what to do with Larry.

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14 thoughts on “Larry Fitzgerald: Stacks on Stacks.”

  1. Yes! I first noticed larry back when his team qualified for the super bowl like 2 years back..the whole game all you could do was watch that tear-drop shaped ass run up and down the field…he gave me so many fantasies..#official

  2. DAYUM!! Larry got cakes like that?! I can have those for breakfast, lunch, dinner, & dessert.

    And who is that last dude – the one on the right? He got some booty too…guess I need to pay more attention to Cardinal games

  3. yes i can watch larry run up an down the feild all day and night. and jamari you know he single and he’s one of the suspect ones

  4. Damn dude has some serious cake action going on!

    The darker one is cute but he isn’t touching Reggie looks-wise.

    1. reggie has lost his looks jay!!!!
      every picture i see him in now,
      he looks like he needs a bib.

      the kardashian sucked his swagg right out of him.

      1. Lol I haven’t seen a lot of recent pics.
        Can I hold on to what once was though?
        Give me 5 minutes and he’ll be a new man.
        I swear I’ll have him singing…lmao

  5. got dayum…those cakes are aspirational to achieve…I’m about to randomly find a college football player to work out with.

    1. Yeah, I’d like to find a football player I can work out with too…lol

      oh, you meant an actual workout in the gym, huh? I guess that could be nice too…my idea is more fun tho

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