Rise of the Foxtails (4)

It’s Wednesday, so you know what time it is?
Another viewing of some tail.
This time, we got a nice entry for all you Wolves.
A special reader of mine sent this in and wanted some opinions.

But, in my opinion…

…well I have no opinion because that tail is simply beautiful.

Oh Wolves…
Um yeah, you can breathe now.


Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Rise of the Foxtails (4)”

  1. No offense, but this pic has been floating around so many websites no telling who the real owner of it is.

    I can’t tell you how many dudes have sent this to me as “their” pic. LMAO

    Definitely nice though.

  2. Oh yes baby, you could get the dick! Homey you could get it every which way but raw.ok

  3. I’m so serious.
    I’ve encountered about 10 dudes trying to pass this picture off.
    Please believe I’d remember every inch of that ass.
    (Sigh) I’ll probably never meet the real owner of it though.

    But yea these chat sites are littered with dudes who just right click and save pictures to upload and pass as their own so they can see your pictures.

    This and your previous post are reasons why I don’t take people’s pics online seriously until I see them in person.

  4. yes i also have seen this pic a million times…whoever the cakes belong to is a wanted man..lol

  5. Well, dayum. Whoever it actually is, he can get it. Imma need for someone to find the rightful owner, so I can do some more thorough research…lol

  6. An undeniable beautiful ass regardless of the pic’s origin. But I’m still drooling over the #2 pic from the last posting. Yum!

  7. Speaking of fat azzes, that dude Mitchell on So You Think You Can Dance has a phatty…and nice thighs (of course he’s a dancer, so it should be). And he’s a Fox if there ever was one…Vain, I know you got some info on him…lol

    1. I never watch that show but I turned it on after I saw your comment, Yngblkwolf. He does have an AMAZING bubble. Now I have ANOTHER show to watch each week. Damn! Lol

      1. Yes, it’s a lovely sight to behold; and that he wears those tight dancer clothes & he’s clearly a Fox makes it all the better…

        Oh, and you’re welcome 😉

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