andre marhold might be single and has something big and juicy to sell us

i was hoping ^this would end up a success story.
i try to be optimistic.
i figured andre marhold would at least come out of this jeffree star situation with a big bag.
some vixens know how to fuck their way into owning something.
i figured he could have fucked his way to something lucrative.
well the foxhole has been reporting to me that jeffree and andre are no more.
jeffree allegedly posted this

all while andre is back in atlanta,
advertising his meat pretty heavy:

 offering promo on his social media:

and booking paid interviews to air all this shit out:


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#Screenshots don’t lie !!! 🥴 “Wow so now we know how #Jeffreestar alleged boyfriend #AndreMarhold feels about speaking out on his situation…’s all about the benjamins for Andre 👀👀🥴” Sooo #AndreMarhold definitely can’t “keep his heart 3 stacks.” At least not when it comes to Andre & #JefferieStar situationship. Apparently the scheming scammer is back at it again, but instead of scamming his Baby Momma, he tried to scheme us !! #947TheLink How is it he is currently doing $50 promos for story post, but told us he has $10k offers on the line for people trying to interview him but he will do it for us for $2500? Should we have taken that deal? Are we wrong ? TELL US WHAT YOU THINK! @theshaderoom @balleralert @dmvhoodzandnewz @worldstar

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do folks really care that much to pay him for this story?
unless he is shopping for a really exclusive story,
like jeffree is doing something crazy illegal,
he could forget getting paid that much money for this story.
he needs to take his story to one of the bigger networks who is looking for gossip rag material.
even then,
they’ll offer him plane fare and whatever he wants to snack on in the waiting area.
it seems like andre is back to being a lesser.
i think the onlyfans is next for him.
i can see the gays paying big money to see how that dick work.

lowkey: i’d fuck him for the fun of it.
the dumb ones usually have good dick.
this is after he has been tested thoroughly and purged of that demon’s antibodies tho.

ETA:  damn,
he robbed jeffree!!

he def gonna hate black folks even more now.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “andre marhold might be single and has something big and juicy to sell us”

  1. inserts GIF of 80 year old black woman saying: AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL SORRY FOR THAT BITCH? BECAUSE I DON’T! *

    Who needs Joanne The Scammer when you have Andre LOL. I don’t blame him, I couldn’t last an hour let alone a day waking up next to Jefree’s golum corpse with that ironing board long back so Idk how this guy did it.

    He better milk all of this while he has it because he will be yesteryear’s news very soon. We live in a very trying telling time where everything is happening so fast now due to the current state affairs in the world let alone America. He will be on OnlyFans before you know it if he doesn’t find another sponsor very soon. I doubt anybody cares about what tea he had on Jefree anyway..

    As I said previously, no matter what he does he will always be known as “Jefree Star’s black boyfriend”. I hope it was worth it Andre.

    I can only IMAGINE the gays who are currently swarming his DM’s as we speak. I’m sure there’s many offering money also. Pick your poison Andre.

  2. You would think he would’ve thought of an exit plan! You get dragged on social media- outed basically-and all you have to show for it is the possibility of an interview for 2.5k??? Some stolen items??? I’m glad I didn’t take Jeffree’s bait and get too invested in this story, because they obviously had some sort of arrangement. I just wonder what the end game for people like Andre are. Honestly, how good is a Jeffree Star endorsement currently? Especially for his black ass.

    1. He is a simple minded thot LOL. He got paraded all over Jeffree’s social media accounts as his new temporary accessory only for him in exchange to post pointless pics of him flexing in Lambo’s & Versace robes. Mind you that we knew were not his and were only temporarily afforded to him because Jeffree was servicing him on demand. TRAGIC. Andre is here trying to play the game with an 18 year old mindset, you have a child & you’re over 25 and you played yourself only to leave with some stolen items & now labelled as a thief.

      Nothing good will come out of this for Andre, thats why I said his best bet is either finding a new sponsor or starting OnlyFans (since he seems to enjoy advertising anyway).

      This is like social suicide for him as far as the straight black community is concerned. Whereas I can only see other black gays talking to him to try & get in his pants

  3. All I know is Andre better not lie and pretend like he’s strictly pussy only now. Sorry boo, the closet door is wide open.

    1. Open, that door got destroyed. The Kool-Aid man busted through that bitch with Pink Lemonade screaming “Oh yeah”!

  4. Geesh that ended faster then we all expected, but yeah Jeffree star is not “mainstream” famous, he is internet successful tho, however I’ve never seen him on a mainstream platform (reputation too bad for that) so if Jeffrees not getting interviews, why in the world would anyone believe someone is willing to pay THIS cornball 10k to talk about having sex with him 🙄 the breakfast club wouldn’t even pick that up, they know they viewers don’t wanna hear about no “gay ass” sex stories

  5. See, niggas don’t plan. A video would be stacking bills, moving money into savings, and working her way into signed documents. If you gonna sell your soul to fuck the Crypt keeper, at least set yourself up for the future. I mean, what about your son? Dumbass.

  6. He isn’t kidding about the link in bio. He is probably waiting to get approved as we speak. He is testing the lube with those posts.
    Jeffree seems like the type to buy you stuff and when he is done, he will say you stole it when you really did just take what he gave you when you left.
    Andre couldn’t even hold on till Christmas? Dang!!!

    Last, but boy least, Jeff was into it for the shock value and novelty. He probably got bored.

  7. Just like a White Bitch to now say you stole some shit from them now that he bounced on that ass. Snow people are so predictable but yet these dumb Pineapples stay messing with them. Charge it to the game Bih, you know nobody want your “Death Becomes Her” looking Ass without a payment up front.

  8. I said it before and I am going to say it again. That never was a relationship. Andre got a hold to some “truth serum” whether it was the patron or 1800, Jeffree fell for the “LaMarques” act and ended up with “Lil Murda”. Andre was having fun in Jeffree P Valley and since Jeffree was getting all the attention, Andre ghosted his ass taking some souvenirs on the way. This story is already dead cause the only thing people is going to ask Andre is when did he know he was gay and why did he take those things. Nobody wants the story about Jeffree. This shit gon b over by Halloween.

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