you being gay messes up the righteous culture that is jamaica

i’m not jamaican,
but some caribbean people are so interesting to me.
growing up under a bajan household,
i was a fucked up mess filled with shame because i wouldn’t be loved for me.
my father literally wanted to know all about my life,
pretended to accept me for me,
only to act weird when i admitted to him i was gay.

This muthasucka brought nothing as a father figure when I needed him,
but had the nerve to look down on me when I could do the same to him.

so the righteous values of jamaica are being disrupted at the moment.
as you know,
it’s a 95% chance that if you will be banished for being gay by any jamaican.
violent vagabonds and domestic abusers might get a pass,
and everything wrong with caribbean men might get another pass,
but you will be thrown to the pits of hell for being gay amongst those folks.
a reggae artist from that country,
didn’t get the memo that all of her jamaican ancestors are looking down on her for this:

reggae artist sizzla and another had something to say…


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i can understand pedophilia,
but sizzla said “no to guns” but i guess “yes to machetes”?

“righteous culture”?
smoking weed,
and aimless fuckin’ is their “righteous” culture?
it’s so interesting how boasty most of these jamaican males are with their designer clothes

But stay putting money in the pockets of the homosexuals who make them.

you KNOW they love letting us know they’re wearing gucci and/or versace.
you can see the logo from space.
like with anything you’re told not to do,
this attitude only sparks more curiosity.
they are really shooting themselves in the foot with gen z and all this protesting.
ya’ll know gen z gon’ do what they gon’ do with no shame in doin’ it.
it’s some of the carribean millenials and gen x that got destroyed by that righteous boomer culture.

this is all typical jamaican nonsense that continues to create generation curses tho.
as someone who grew up on an island filled with hatred and shame,
i am not shocked nor surprised by any of this.
i will always be happy to represent my island,
but with the good comes the bad.

Jamaican (and Caribbean) culture will continue to birth a nation of DL males and females because of these attitudes.
It’s better to fuck the same sex in secret than do nothing at all.

congrats to these leaders of this “righteous” jamaican culture.
they’re all dorks.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “you being gay messes up the righteous culture that is jamaica”

  1. 😆😆😆 you nailed Jamari. Its better to fuck in secret. Say nothing about the clothes they wear and the contract they sign from the said Batty Men 😁😁😆😆😆oh the platitudes are stifling. Sizzla and Footahype can both kiss my black ass. The day their secret rolls out of the closet the day they may hang themselves

  2. As a Black man I am constantly embarrassed by Black people ALL AROUND THIS GLOBE( Including USA) who are Ignorant and Anti- Love.

    Ironic that this was introduced and reinforce by Religions (Christianity and Islam) that was forced upon them under Bondage and Oppressions!! They buy into this rubbish overlooking that God is there for them inherently! Through spirituality! They confuse it with what the Bible and Koran teaches and / misinterprets .

    GTFO of Here with this Backwards Azz Bullsh#t!!!!!

  3. There are A GOOD number of Jamaican Reggae artists that NEED to be church mouse silent. One I KNOW from personal experience. And several I know from my time
    in the music industry. My dad’s family is from the Bahamas and it wasn’t until a bunch of my cousins came out they realized they couldn’t just cut all of us out of their lives. But we did get the memo and don’t really engage at all.

    1. ^many of these folks be dl and unapologetic about it…

      until they need to prove their manhood that no one asked for and it ends up making them looking guilty smh.

  4. People love saying the purity of such & such culture and yet the culture is toxic & full of degradation, but okay we are worse than r@pists & the other toxic things huh?

      1. I love the statement about how jamaicains create generational curses. As a lgbt Jamaican, I am damaged and working through my trauma from years of being in an oppressive toxic culture. I still fucks with the food though 🤣, guilty.

  5. But most of the Jamaican men I know get down and the straight ones are stone bona-fide freaks…so…more of the same.

  6. Honestly I’m not shocked at the reaction. Recently the people wanted the LGBT+ flag removed. I am a bit shocked that the new “queen of dance hall” is doing this because in the past she has said homophobic things, allegedly. This reaction just proves that what shaggy was saying was utter nonsense. He may not be openly homophobic however, as it stands it is still a CRIME to be gay in Ja. and showing PDA can often lead to death.

  7. I don’t think you understand how much I LIVE for Spice. She’s one of the TOP music video creatives. I wish I had an auntie like her.

    Caribbeans and are some of the worst when it comes to homophobia. I love the seasoning of our food, but our mindsets are BLAND and stale.

    Still echoing what the white man said. What real man can’t think for himself?

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