nfl ex baller, zac stacy, legit threw his baby mama into the tv

this is one of my worst fears tbh.

Finally meeting some (baller) wolf I’m really into,
he is into me as well,
things are great until he is upset and punches me into the oven.

from nerds to wolves who play by the rules in public,
you just never know who is abusive af out here.
wtf is going on with all these toxic and abusive relationship stories these days?
i’m starting to be grateful i’m single.
ex baller jackal of the nfl,
zac stacy,
just got exposed for abusing his baby mama in front of his 5-month-old son and well…


i couldn’t even finish after when he slapped her.
the fact we can see abusive in living color on our devices now <
the fact she didn’t scream or yell is telling.
she is used to this and it comes naturally to her.
that or she was shocked af.
i think this was when she had enough.
one thing i absolutely hate about these stories:

A child is always brought into the world to witness all this dysfunction.

those of us who witness our parents being abused really rub off on us.
we end abusing or being abused.
i need him in the lower parts of the jail and if ima be honest..

Take away all the rights from him ever seeing that kid.

if he can do throw her through the tv like it was nothing,
what will he do to that baby if he won’t stop crying?

lowkey: he looks like the type.
his eyes…

at one point in his life,
he was worshipped for his skills as a running back.

see article: here

12 thoughts on “nfl ex baller, zac stacy, legit threw his baby mama into the tv

  1. Thats what she gets. She messing with him and think he not gonna flip. Females can be super disrespectful

  2. I saw that video and the way he did her, I felt bad. Somebody posted the baby was in the chair but the baby wasn’t. I think the baby was in the room tho. That was just unrealistic to even watch that.

  3. I saw a video about how Black men who only date out, are fetishizing them and that eventually it gets old (the topic was referring to Dani Leigh thinking she was a redbone prize and being comfortable disrespecting his Black mother of his child)

    Allegedly, the rate of abuse and divorce in interracial couples where the man is Black and the woman isn’t, are higher than in the Black community. I genuinely thought they’d be treated better because they’re “submissive and aren’t trying to wear the pants”.

    The point is damaged Black men will damage whoever they’re with.

  4. The violence and the rage so many black men have is disgusting. I’m going to keep it a bean here. I don’t like to be around straight black men. I find their aggressiveness to most things extremely uncomfortable and confrontational. Whenever I have talks with them, it ends up going south because they like to argue and get bent out of shape when you tell them the truth. It makes me not want to talk to them at all. It’s the little micro aggressions that they display such as knocking on a door. It’s aggressive and over the top. I’ve thought about it and I’ve even said to myself shamefully this is what they’re seen as a threat to white police men in this society and why being gay or trans is seen as nonthreatening. He beat this lady as if she were a man and as If he owns her. This video reminds me of the black man who broke into the white lady’s house and started beating the shit out of her in front of her baby. It’s unacceptable and cave man behavior. No one should ever be comfortable enough displaying such rage.

    I deadass don’t see how most women find men attractive. I’m starting to become okay with being single permanently. Tired of you dudes.

  5. Shocking, Sad ,Troubling and this must end!!!.

    Men and woman never ,ever let a person hit you!!!!!!

    I cant take pain so this boggles my mind. Arrest this animal. Force him to take therapy ASAP

  6. Who is surprised? Another black athlete from the hood beats his so called wife or girlfriend. Who is surprised?

    This negro didn’t grow up with or in love so why would you think he knows otherwise? He probably grew up seeing this happen to his own mom .

    She is obviously scared and is secretly crying out for help. Where are her family supporters? How long did they know about this ? Did she rebuke them when they offered help.? So many questions between the man, woman and the bedroom.

    I hope she finds strength to either get up and GO or fuck him up with 2 bullets which he deserves.

  7. Twitter is crazy rn over this video, it’s refreshing to see black men calling him out as an abuser and saying he should be in jail.

    However I can’t help but think the outrage from black men on Twitter is performative cause if the victim were a black woman there’d be think pieces on how she may have attacked him first and how black women try to ruin a black man.

    This video is sad but these white women get with these athletes and think it’s all peaches and creme!

    1. I was thinking this but didn’t want to appear insensitive, but agreed. I really hope she can find peace & be removed from him though.

    2. I disagree, because it’s a white woman they will only judge him on the fact that he is an abusive partner. However, if she was a black woman he wouldbe judged for abusing a black woman. See had I read the story with no picture of visuals, I wouldn’t be able to know what race the woman was. If it had been a black woman I would have known with a short tweet about what happened, if she is black people will know and the cancellings will begin. I know it’s controversial but the Malcolm X quote is no longer very accurate, I would argue that Hispanic women are the most unprotected and are at VERY high risk of domestic violence and nobody cares.

      Where I am from, Mixed woman, men too but not the most, are in the most danger of domestic violence by a loooong shot.

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