you being gay messes up the righteous culture that is jamaica

i’m not jamaican,
but some caribbean people are so interesting to me.
growing up under a bajan household,
i was a fucked up mess filled with shame because i wouldn’t be loved for me.
my father literally wanted to know all about my life,
pretended to accept me for me,
only to act weird when i admitted to him i was gay.

This muthasucka brought nothing as a father figure when I needed him,
but had the nerve to look down on me when I could do the same to him.

so the righteous values of jamaica are being disrupted at the moment.
as you know,
it’s a 95% chance that if you will be banished for being gay by any jamaican.
violent vagabonds and domestic abusers might get a pass,
and everything wrong with caribbean men might get another pass,
but you will be thrown to the pits of hell for being gay amongst those folks.
a reggae artist from that country,
didn’t get the memo that all of her jamaican ancestors are looking down on her for this:

reggae artist sizzla and another had something to say…

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