yk osiris is fed up with you n*ggas and requests ya’ll stop texting him

some males say the darndest and sus things on rih’s social media,
don’t they?
singing wolf,
yk osiris,
is over ya’ll pineapples!
without much context,
this is what he put on his recent ig stories

you know what???????
i feel him so heavy!!!!!

These pineapples are all cap!
At least vixens let you know how they feel.
They are becoming more aggressive than these males out here.
I don’t know what has happened to the male species nowadays.
A majority have become so bitchmade about everrrrrrrrrything.
All these damn muscles and can’t even fight.
They want to look cute on ig with their workout videos and bright shirts.
I see what Grandmama and Aunt Pook be talmbout with these pineapples.
It’s so fuckin’ ridiculous!!!!
And another thing…

i had a moment.
even tho i don’t know the context,
his story triggered me.

folks in the forests have been talking about yk osiris.
i have never heard his music,
but all i’ve been hearing about
it started with this:

…and the rumors have been flying since.
i don’t know what the story with yk osiris is but he is not happy today.

i’ve been listening to the waiting to exhale soundtrack lately.
he should listen too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “yk osiris is fed up with you n*ggas and requests ya’ll stop texting him”

  1. A majority have become so bitchmade about everrrrrrrrrything.

    Very much facts. Guys seemed more manly growing up. Now they stalk you on social media, send long messages if you don’t reply and look like Groot when they do send a pic.

    What happened to men that approached you when you were alone…IN PERSON? Nothing cringier than a man older than me saying he saw me out in public. Why didn’t your dusty self approach?

    And millennial men sit on Twitter all day complaining how trash dating is when they’re still trying to be what they were in highschool and how they “used to” get all the DL trade.

    Every guy is now their own definition of corny, but they clowned me for writing poetry. Like you mofos can barely string together a sentence.

    And don’t get me started on false advertising. This guy had ‘gamer’ on his bio, so I asked what kind of games and he said he doesn’t game and just said that to “get a hot gamer”. Like…foh!

    1. ^ not “get a hot gamer” tho.

      wtf is happening to society?
      we could as well live in a virtual world because many are detached from reality atp.

      1. Shidd, virtual would be safe until there are viruses worse than STDs lol

        And that’s what happens when the gym is your personality. You lie to get people who have hobbies besides taking pictures and filtering them.

  2. I do not even want to think about what Sean Combs and that little bird liver ass boy are doing behind closed doors. Puffy/PDiddy should take his money and glow up on a lovely estate somewhere like Long Islands North Shore or perhaps a English country home with lots of acreage, and be a gentleman. He isn’t even relevant musically, in my opinion, anymore.
    Men were soooo sexy when I was growing up. Hard bodies, hard dicks, hard workers.
    These ramen noodle bodies pretty boys don’t cut it.

  3. Ion care wat y’all negros say yk Osiris is fly asf and I don’t think nothing wrong with a twink. A lotta y’all bitter plus size hos is just dat…..bitter! He look like he sexy in the nude with official azz tan lines. Puffy lucky asf if he get to get inside up inside them walls.

    1. Dookanoo
      Unhappy trolls throwing stones. You must be a butt ugly confused bundle of nerves with no purpose, other than to come into the foxhole and be nasty.
      You need something stuck in your mouth to lift up your mood. I know where there are a dozen rotten eggs hidden. I will tell you where they are and I will let you suck em.

      1. ….like they say a hit dog will holler. I neither addressed you or was nasty. And further more butt ugly is a matter of opinion and I’m booed up, so we good over here. I’ll just put it to u like this all that energy you should be using for the treadmill cause obviously you one of the plus sized haters I was speaking about. Bet you single too? Awww Poe tink tink. Ready for another night of no messages on jack’d Kibbles n bits? 😢

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