aunt wendy is slowly falling into the depths of no more

i feel like aunt wendy,
aka wendy williams,
started to lose her mind when she left her husband.

after she fainted on live tv,
and her mother’s passing,
i think all of that sealed the deal for her.
aunt wendy is literally a shell of her former self these days.
the pretty vixen sent me her whole tmz interview from last week and…

so she took off the rings because it was associated with the show but…
she is sitting in the purple chair that she sat in on the show?

compare how she use to be on her show to that interview:

there is a stark difference and one is highly medicated.
bad enough,
her youtube channel has been completely wiped.
( x see it here )
good news on the podcast tho,

this is NOT what i thought would happen to aunt wendy tbh.
i figured she would have a big extravaganza before she bowed out.
she is literally being erased before our very eyes.

i can’t help but think this is karma for all of her nasty behavior in the past.
this is a lesson for many of us.
so many of us want to hurt others while we are on top of the forests.
during her rise and reign,
she had it all and everyone was in her corner.
as soon as she became the “hot topic“,
especially about things she would hurt others with:

The cannibals were waiting to feed on her carcass.

we will always pay our debts.
don’t rack up too much that you’ll eventually have to pay for.
if someone could have warned young wendy to make better choices:


rapping wolf,
was so fine.
she was looking like at him like she wanted to fuck too.
i wonder if her path would be different?

lowkey: this is the response from her brother…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “aunt wendy is slowly falling into the depths of no more”

  1. The issue is nobody wants to do business with her because her husband was an industry bully he was the muscle and that worked in the era of radio bc people were running down on her outside the studio
    Nowadays in the era of #metoo and time is up people aren’t here for men muscling their way through the industry
    The industry is a lot more gay and women friendly

    Feelings are king. So when you rub people wrong now that she doesn’t have the relationship wit the major conglomerate and has health issues even things like insurance are tricky how do they know she won’t pass out or relapse and all the million they poured into her deal will be squandered before they get their return on investment ?

    She needs to get on YouTube and build herself back up THEN launch the podcast

    She also needs to release another book

    Most younger Wendy fans didn’t even watch her on tv they just saw clips on twitter so she needs to show she knows her stuff she used to basically rely on your young producers to do her work for Her she didn’t know names of millennials and gen z to seem to care

  2. I wish people stop using karma for everything that happens to an individual. Question?. If you you was to get sick. Is that karma or shit that you can not control.

  3. Wendy
    Was cruel to people, really cruel. Her cause and effect comeuppance is on full display. I wonder why her son cannot get power of attorney? Her Mother dying and losing Lurch,the husband, sent her over the edge.
    A haughty spirit precedes a fall! Wendy is my Cancer sister and it isn’t fun to watch. Her brother is cute.

  4. Bye Felicia.

    Podcast can make and break her. She can still do her own shit without control from any studio. She can post whenever she wants. She can do video podcast or she can do an audio podcast. She has all the free time to do whatever she wants and when she wants to do it without worrying about studio time, whether she is healthy enough to force herself to do anything. Here is where it can break her. A podcast can break you by no audience listening to you. All these people who are crying they want Wendy back, if they don’t support her, she will never come back because that is the last option. She can literally go broke paying for her podcast promotion without sponsors and without an audience. That interview was not a good one… for her. You can tell she is not there but she is putting on a show. She was trying to take over the interview and she is used to being in control of the interview. That’s her first televised appearance since she was off of her show. She got all her shows completely erased! That’s a big sign, that everything she worked for is gone. You can’t blame Sherri for her downfall. Sherri was at the right time for her career to get where it needs to go. Call it an opportune moment but what would you have done if you do your job right and you get the opportunity to get your own show? Everybody who has a popular show got it from somebody who didn’t finish their show. Jimmy Fallon, (the show was originally the Johnny Carson show then replaced by Jay Leno and Fallon replaced Leno). Stephen Corbert, (David Letterman’s replacement). Arsenio Hall, (Joan Rivers replacement). Trevor Noah, (Jon Stewart’s replacement). Sherri Shephard, (Wendy Williams replacement).

  5. Your first interview and you look a mess. You mean she doesn’t have a ring light or a room where she can get lighting and make herself look presentable enough for a sponsor to say ok, I can gamble on this Wendy. This, nobody is going to want to sponsor her because its a mess. She waiting on a studio audience response and I get she has to get used to that not happening anymore. Now she has to rely on comments because you can get as many views but if there is no dialogue between you and your viewers, how do sponsors know somebody is going to be there to see their ad? They need to see the audience. They don’t care what is being said but you have an audience that is willing to comment and watch the whole show.

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