1.75 for extra dipping sauce just won’t fry (get it? not fly but fry? okay bye)

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee french fries.
i’m not really a “dipping sauce” fox tbh.
i like eating french fries plain.
i know,
what a monster i am.
i guess a mayo + ketchup mix if i’m feeling frisky.

i haven’t been down in manhattan in a while to check out bel fries,
a restaurant that specializes in belguim street fries.
they charge 1.75 for extra dipping sauces.
these three she-hyenas flipped tf out and trashed the joint

my yelp review of their vile behavior:

was the one in the blue dress pregnant?
she couldn’t even hop up on the table.
so this is how they reacted for 1.75?
how “poor” of them.
the crazy part?

All 3 have been arrested and will have to pay money for bail,
and damages.

all while those male jackals egged them on and filmed in the background.
hate to see it.
( x see more here )
the good news is that when i’m in the lower east side again,
i’ll check out bel fries…

…and i’ll make sure i have 1.75 if the sauces are legit.

6 thoughts on “1.75 for extra dipping sauce just won’t fry (get it? not fly but fry? okay bye)

  1. Not wanting to spend $1.75 is going to end up costing them thousands. Typical stupid folks. I don’t feel bad for them at all…and for the folks back there encouraging them, they should be charged with aiding and abetting. LMAO

  2. This is why I cnt be in situations like this, cause idda beat the shit outta one of them hoes, I’m not proud of it but I have anger issues too, I just don’t explode on people that didn’t do shit to me, but if I we’re one of these employees!…it would’ve been bad, once one of those bottles hit me i would have been arrested for attempted murder

  3. Pathetic. Angering to watch. I agree w the comment above, throw the library at these basic pathetic hoz. Regardless of the reason, to have the audacity to tear someone’s establishment is not it!

  4. I do hope that not a book but the entire library is thrown at these musty broads. I mean for one dollar 💵 and 75 cents? If the owner had smashed these mongooses with a baseball up side those weaves or pulled a gun and started shooting, the world would be aghast!

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