“Ya Woulda Been Successful If It Wasn’t For That Meddling Fear!”

They say the bigger the prize means the bigger the risk.

It could be exciting career choices, moving to a new state, or even snagging your Baller Wolf.
But, with these big prizes come bigger fears.
Fears that can make even the bravest Fox/Wolf/or Hybrid feel inadequate.
What is it about getting what you finally want so scary?

Why do we get scared when things start to go our way?

Have you noticed that fear can make you want to run away and never come back?
On some ol’ “PEACE NUGGA!” marathon sprint.
It is really all those “what if?” and premature thoughts racing to your brain at once.
Sort of like the devil pumping negativity through an IV for your mental sickness.
It can cripple you and make you want to give up before you even start.

We talk all this big shit about wanting the better things in life.
I talk all this shit about wanting a “Devin Thomas” or “Adrian Peterson” (or both),
but if the opportunity presented itself,
would I go straight to grab him by his balls…

or would I chicken out and hide in the corner?
We dream big and set goals that are larger than Mount Rushmore but,
when life turns around and opens that door,
we get scared to put our hand on the knob and turn.

I will admit that the day I launched this site,
I was nervous at what was to come.
I knew I wanted an outlet to vent, be honest, and list my desires,
but that looming thought of “will I be successful with it?” and “will people like me or what I have to say?” hung over my head.

Success can actually be a very scary thing.
You are now behind another door that was once locked.
You have a whole new path with a whole new set of problems.
On the outside looking in, it seems perfect.
Until you are trying to open up a window because you can’t breathe.

I started thinking about fear and the unknown.
We are suppose to jump into life, career, or even love head first.
It is also okay to jump in feet first.
But, are we scared to fuck up and be “the example”?
How about scared to not live up to the expectations of what you dreamed for?
Or, do we get comfortable in our daily lives, jobs, and loneliness?

When it comes to fear…

What are we really scared of?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on ““Ya Woulda Been Successful If It Wasn’t For That Meddling Fear!””

  1. why didn’t you post this yesteday? I had an opportunity, career wise and I was what you said……
    Scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you hit the nail with this one.

    1. ^oh no!
      did it cripple you to not take the risk Z?

      I have one coming up and I do not know why i am so scared!!
      Usually I jump into things head first (…and the jokes write themselves, right? lol)
      Maybe it is the assuming of what is it come,
      rather than the not even thinking about it and just go with the flow…

      1. What’s the worst that could happen? Usually you’d be back at the same status quo…so go for it

        You’re welcome. 😉

      2. Job Security, the economy and just being comfortable in my present position…… all good excuses I told myself which equals….Scared!!!!!

    1. Meaning that things will just be the same as they have been if you don’t do anything. A lot of times we’re afraid of ‘no’ or change; just getting out of our comfort zone.

  2. im kinda in this boat i want to move to a new state but i always thing what if i go flat broke or somthing worse happens. 1 day ill get the nerve and just move

      1. thats the thing i like job security first then move to a new state. i have somthing planed but i still have to be patient

  3. I’m be honest and say that I would if I had the chance at a baller wolf, take it, because like YBW said you gotta step out your comfort zone and I know I’m attractive, discreet, and have a cute figure dudes like so whats there for him not to love when I already love me. I guess you just gotta get so confident its slightly cocky and it doesnt matter who it is you comfortable with what you have to offer you just go for it..

  4. omg ican understand where you coming from. Next tuesday i will be moving from florida to georgia (Atl)and although im excited as hell im also a bit nervous. I know this is what i want to do so fuck being nervous im going to move and nothing is going to stop me not even me! If you do decide to do it omg, just go for it but make sure you have it planned out and have a backup plan too.

  5. Its quite nerve wrecking trying to move from one stage in your life and leap onto another, possibly, higher stage…I know because everyday I battle myself with the same problems…thinking what if I fail at trying to start my own company or I lose the security of my job…shit I have bills…this is why I am still living at home, cannot finish my bachelors and have a loan up to my breasts (ok! pecs) but I am comfortable, financially, yet uncomfortable in my daily routine. This is not me so I have begun to take baby steps and what I have noticed Jay is that my entire surrounding is moving with me so as I progress, I shed dead weight…its going slower than I can handle but its happening and I can feel it. Now if I can only quit this dead end job it would be even sweeter…

    We all go through it. What you have to remember is that you cannot change your situation by doing the same things over and over again. Be encouraged!

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