Would You Hit The Floor or Let This Baller Wolf Hit You?

Hit-the-Floorive seen the posters,
the ads during love and hiphop atl,
and the big promo video looping in time square.
you could not avoid the ads for “hit the floor” on vh1.
well the show hasn’t garnered my interest,
but he has…

tumblr_m8za8nhNrM1qbmwkbo1_500everyone meet baller wolf terrence wall,
played by robert christopher riley.

281x211Devil baller Terrence acts like the star player that he is, coming in to watch some of the Devil Girl auditions with his entourage amid considerable fanfare. He and Jelena have a hot and heavy relationship, making them king and queen of this world.


boipussy posted these shots right here:

tumblr_mo5lchVqfl1qi857wo4_r1_250 tumblr_mo5lchVqfl1qi857wo1_250 tumblr_mo5lchVqfl1qi857wo2_250tumblr_mo5lchVqfl1qi857wo3_250 …you know i was interested after this, right?
my sexy robert is a hard wolf to sniff out.
i only found these two shots:

i think i want a little more of that meat.
it looks big.
stay tuned…

lowkey: is the show any good?
i know one of my favs,
kimberly elise,
is in it.
other than that,
i’d be only be there for robert and her.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Would You Hit The Floor or Let This Baller Wolf Hit You?”

  1. I don’t watch the show either but he does look good.

    Who is that short dude he is hugged up with tho?

  2. The show is really good Jamari. My mom and I watched it together every Monday. It’s edgy without trying too hard.

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