Whose Ready To See Ochocinco’s Peen Picture?

it was a about time.
i was expecting a sex tape.
guess i lost that bet with myself.
some jump off allegedly leaked the picture during a showdown with evelyn on twitter.
evelyn was throwing dirt at her,
so the jump off proved she was about that life.
that “ocho” pipe….

everyone meet jessica:

these are the texts from chad:

this is his phone number:

this is ocho in his drawz:

and also what you have been waiting for:


so that is the little fucker these vixens are fighting over?
i hope that stroke is brutal to be dealing with the bulllshit from someone unemployed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “Whose Ready To See Ochocinco’s Peen Picture?”

  1. LMAO@the last comment you made Jamari. I thought I read somewhere that he tweeted that his dick was 10 and a half inches. He’s cute though, and plus I want some of that booty. He looks like he would have some good ass cheeks lol.

  2. Where do they find these ugly ass white women with all this plastic wannabe looks. Ocho has an ok peen, but like stated I want some of that ass if his pal …..O is not getting it on a regular. Undercover homo!

  3. this is drama week like shit and his ex wife is saying some funny ass shit about this girl. white girl cant come back period! lol

  4. That looks full-on erect, so…yeah. But like the others, I want his azz…maybe he has tongue game & an impeccable stroke

  5. Looks like he shaves – hate it when men shave!!! So off putting, all those bumps and stubble. Swiftly moving on!

  6. Um this shit could be questionable depending on the time frame of these pictures; one iPhone header (with the contact info) shows Sprint 3G and the other iPhone (with the dick pic) shows AT&T 4G…maybe I am missing something. #attorney@law

    1. Very possible…I wondered about that…lol. it’s imperative that we get the facts because the “kids” hate to be disappointed. 😉

  7. sigh, i thought i would see a massive Tank dick…his penis is smaller than my baby cousin’s who is 6… he better stay working on that body his “selling point” as jamari would say

  8. I wonder if its a fully hard…either way i’ll take it. I bet his stroke game is impeccable. That body, smile and that sexy chocolate body is all I need. I kinda figured that he wasnt packing tho, he never had a print in anything that he has worn. OAN: When will they learn to stop sending these pics to jumpoffs…but i’m glad he did lol

  9. And might I add….I really don’t need to see his peen to decide whether he can GET IT…like I have said in previous posts…his crazy chocolate ass will put the dick down; he is a freak in the sheets, what he don’t have in the dick department will be consistently made up for in those heart stopping, eyes rolling to the back of your head PELVIC THRUSTS that he will repeatedly inflict upon you. He is the type that has no shame in his game and he will do IT ALL. Let me find out!!!!!

  10. Good thing he can play ball because his talent is def not between his legs. He just lost me as a fan. What a disappointment.

  11. I was surprised when i saw that MAN dick claiming to be Chad as u are correct chad has NO DICK so that was a surprise to me. Thanks for clearing up that rumor.

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