Tyrese Presents His (Nut) Case For The World To Witness

i’m just gonna font it.

I’ve been purposely ignoring Tyrese and his antics

i stopped tuning in after he was taunting the rock on ig.
i saw a video today that made me have to font about him.
tyrese hasn’t seen his cub,
in 2 months.
his ex wife has him banished by restraining order.
tyrese been doing all kinds of random shit.
i don’t know if it’s for his cub or us.
so the video i saw was him sobbing about his daughter,
throwing shade at the rock,
and being broke


my first and only pregnancy…”

this is the part that made me roll my eyes so hard:

is he on drugs????
^this is a whole new type of crazy.
you know crazy pipe is good,
but tyrese just seems insufferable and exhausting.
didn’t he allegedly beat up that same ex wife?

tyrese pull your whole shit together.
he looking like a fuckin’ crazy hyena in these forests.
the her lawyers are probably loving this.
this gives:

“mentally unstable”
“why she has a restraining order in the first place”

tyrese needs a chlorpromazine.

lowkey: if those videos ain’t the perfect message for birth control...

eta: a foxholer sent me this link about tyrese ( x vowing to quit f&f ) because of the rock.
he does know the rock is the cash draw in that scenario,
so tyrese can go.
there is another “comedic negro” waiting in the wings for that spot.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Tyrese Presents His (Nut) Case For The World To Witness”

  1. You can tell Tyrese has no entourage or isn’t around people that shake sense into him because this is both embarrassing and ridiculous.

    1. ^i would hope and pray my friends and the foxhole would drag me if i pulled a stunt like this.
      i cringed watching that nonsense.
      he is getting his karma this year.
      his alleged behavior needed a humbling.

  2. I don’t feel sorry for him. He is always on social media showing off his home and how he has a Starbucks and a Benihana in his backyard and also going to Dubai for “business.” Either he’s lying about being broke or fronting like he has money when he really doesnt. The rock does not need to help another grown man. Tyrese has been in the game for over 20 years. He needs to Stop blaming other people for his mistakes. It’s not the rocks fault that tyrese can’t get booked. He’s always giving people advise and telling woman how to act and talking about his wealth…but now crying on camera. Boy please! Go pray and work on getting ur daughter back.

  3. Oh Tyrese u giving us Capricorns a bad name as of late smh. He finally admitted his anger at the Rock really does stem from being cash strapped with court costs. And I also read that in court documents his ex wife stated he was diagnosed wit bipolar disorder from 3 different pyschotherapists. So it does shed some light on these recent episodes he’s been having. I think for his safety and his daughter’s safety he needs to seek help and FAST.

    1. ^it looks like he is trying to come off like this victim to the world.
      he is doing it with the rock and with this.
      anyone can clearly see he is putting on a show.
      he should have saved those tears for the court room.

      he better chill before they really throw his ass out the f&f franchise.

  4. It’s funny that he thinks he’s so important to the franchise, when he really isn’t. To me, The Rock summed up his character in the last film when he asked him, “do you do anything other than scream?!” LOL

    Sit your ass back and cash your checks. It’s not going to kill you if the next film takes a bit longer to come out because of the Rock’s character getting a spin-off. Hell, Tyrese and Ludacris were offered a spin-off
    movie..but they didn’t take the studio up on the offer. Now you’re gonna hate on the next man that said yes?! GTFOH

    Tyrese needs to get his act together. Didn’t he have a run in with both Ginuwine and Tank, when they formed that little “group” TGT some years back? They said he thought he was the better singer and carried on. So dude’s problems have been going on for some time.

    If he is bipolar, he needs to get on his meds. These antics are not helping him with his child support/visitation case (heard he’s under supervised visitation). And not to mention he thinks he would be the best choice for Green Lantern John Stewart! God I hope not! LOL

  5. He is calm and collected in his most recent video.Also he has the nerve to say he is a “private” guy.Also in one of his posts earlier he was saying he is broke because of child support and attorney fees.Maybe he should get money from those wealthy guys he is always hanging out in Dubai.😒

    1. He goes to Dubai because he is a rent boy. All this guilt and craziness is because he know what he has done to get to where he is and they can discard his ass literally at the drop of a dime. Tyrese has been on the casting couch multiple times. He ain’t offered up a blood oath, he sacrifices his manhood for these big movie roles. He also allows himself to go through the “public humiliation” rituals to stay in some good graces with TPTB.

  6. Jamari did you peep that Shea Moisture commercial with all the black men and beards? I love them dark skin dudes but I noticed that beards have become somewhat the thing over the years…These women were ready to boycott Shea and as soon as they ass saw that commercial, they talking bout fine men, this and that…Y’all she the str8s be thirsty as hell too. 😂😂

  7. Jammy you must be kin to the late great Cleo because you said things were going to be revealed about these celebrities but damn who knew it was going to be this fast pace, almost everyday now some new type of Fuckery. Tyrese is one celeb, I never really cared for, his arrogance is off putting. He alienated the most loyal fan base which is Black women by some of his problematic statements he said in the past and now when he needs them they are going on about their business.

    I guess this pineapple really believed his own hype like the powers that be in Hollywood really give a damn about his Z list ass and now that he has talk all that shit about the Rock, he can hang it up. I am embarrassed for him how he played himself with that situation and still talking about it when he needs to shut the F up. Nobody cares if your ashy ass is not in any movies especially a successful franchise like Fast and Furious where from my understanding he is a bit player at most. Now he is not going to be able to get in no movies unless Tyler P feels sorry for his ass.

    Man the Fck up and get off of social media with all this whining and crying, for you to be a celebrity with the access to the best lawyers you must have done something really fucked up for you not to see your child in the first place, I know first hand that even parents who have done heinous shit to their children are allowed to have supervised visit with them. I can file your case under when attention whoring goes all the way wrong. As I have said so many times before, social media is going to end society faster than global warming.

    1. Oh there will be more…just wait and it’s not celebs either…the Trumpians getting it too..

      Also, lol at ashy Tyrese.

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