This Is The Most I’ve Seen Britney Spears Be Natural In A Minute…

i like this song.


don’t judge me.
i was surprised to see britney getting into it.
well when i saw that there was a remix video with her,
and weezy….
i had to check it out and well…


that beats knocks!
i like this shit much better.
i’m glad britney is moving around like she doesn’t have embalming fluid running through her veins.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “This Is The Most I’ve Seen Britney Spears Be Natural In A Minute…”

  1. Me and my friend were joking the other day because we saw two pics of Britney, one she was going to church, and the other coming from grocery shopping and she actually looked present in both pics. She was walking to church with some lady and actually look Ed engaged with her and un frightened, and coming from the grocery store she waved and smiled at the papa, somethingi haven’t seen her do in a while. I think she may be taking milder dosage of her mess. She has been looking more present lately tho

    1. ^i agree.

      she was acting so weird.
      every interview she would look really uncomfortable.
      not the chick i was use too that’s for sure.

      i don’t know what hollywood did to her,
      but I hope she can be her most natural self again.
      i actually miss the goofy fun Britney.

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