There Are Semi Openly Gay Players In The NBA and NFL. Total Shocker!

so it’s all starting to come out.
ex baller wolf wade davis:

… who recently came out is sharing a ton of stories.
he claims there is a fraternity for gay players and a ton of semi open players in every league.
lowkey: i know the “discreet/dl” house parties are probably exciting.

It’s only a matter of time before an athlete in one of the three major leagues admits to being gay. There are gay mayors, team execs, news anchors, congressmen etc. you have to believe that there’s a point coming in the near future where someone opens up about it.

In a recent interview, openly gay former NFL baller Wade Davis has a conversation about the fact that there are semi open athletes in both the NFL and NBA.

T: Is there a professional athlete fraternity or an NFL fraternity?

W: Both. There’s one that exists in the NFL and there’s one for sports. It’s not talked about, it just is what it is. Because we’ve all gone through the same thing so there’s a protection that exists if you’ve gone through what it takes to make it at that level.

T: So the guys in the NFL who are gay have protection?

W: Yes. Openly gay is a bit strong cuz when we think of openly gay we think of walking down the street with your boyfriend but there are players who know that this player may have a boyfriend or may not date women and that’s just it. It’s not talked about. He’s there to do a job, I’m here to do a job, it’s not talked about, he’s my brother, he doesn’t treat me any different than anyone else does.

T: Can you give an approximate number of how many gay men there are in the NFL?

W: I only know of three.

T: You know of three guys in the NFL?

W: Not only in the NFL. There’s some in the NFL and some in the NBA.

T: Known names?

W: I wouldn’t say they’re known names but one’s a starter.

Basically it sounds as if players ultimately respect each others’ right to privacy and live as they see fit. Ultimately, unless it’s somehow impacting the team, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve probably heard more stories of women breaking up teams and causing beef and locker room issues than a gay teammate.

Just think about this: One of those “professional friends” in the entourage just might be the athlete’s lover.


well tell me something i don’t know.
i feel like baller wolves are slowly getting more comfortable in their lifestyles these days.
why do you think a ton of them live in atlanta?
overseas is another place they can do them with no issues either.
i just got word of a couple knicks players who are on the low.
i’m already aiming my targets.
wade also had something to say about players being accused of being chicken to come out the closet.
he wrote in the los angeles times op-ed:

Coming out, or as I like to say, “inviting in,” is an individual process that requires a level of safety and security. In women’s sports, a number of gay athletes have disclosed their sexual orientation, including tennis champion Amelie Mauresmo, basketball great Sheryl Swoopes and soccer star Megan Rapinoe. It was interesting how little fallout there was from those announcements. But I suspect that women’s sports fans are more accepting, in part because of misguided societal notions about femininity and masculinity.

I don’t believe another athlete would try to harm a gay male athlete, but professional sports is still full of people happy to express their disapproval of homosexuality, and coming out requires a supportive environment.


^really good article he wrote.
i really appreciate what wade is doing.
keep up the good work.

now if only we can get some of them to stop being baby making machines and blatant hoes.
that is a whole nother story.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “There Are Semi Openly Gay Players In The NBA and NFL. Total Shocker!”

  1. I absolutely love when he said “misguided societal notions about femininity and masculinity.” Gender is probably the biggest social construct.

    s/n —> keep Brandon in his cage before I snatch his fine ass up, Jamari.

  2. I myself has always said that there were gay guy playing in the professional arena. Simply stated as Davis said that they are there to do a job. Why can’t it be like that for all people like say the are mayors, lawyers, doctors, teachers, professors, and so forth are gay and it should not matter anyone sexual orientation. Society sticks it nose into others affairs and need to tend to their own. We have to live our lives and can not shelter it or we will end up losing our mind.

  3. I’m praying that Mychal Kendrick, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, George Hill, and Blake Griffin are in this secret/discreet society. I can guarantee you though that this gay society of professional athletes do not date each other, so you know they are going after regular foxes, hybrids, and wolves.

  4. jamari i read that article last night and i like how he answered it. case and point they are there to do a job and get a check as we seen how the Saints and Giants played this year wheather they win or lose they get payed. i was watching the daily show with Jon Stewart and he was talking about how Brendon Ayanbadejo was supporting same sex unions with Raiders player Chris Kluwe and Jon asked him are there a lot of gays in the NFL Chris replied with “well youll be surprised”. about the simi open players im just convinced the Ray Edwards is one of them ,he sexy as hell and he has a lot of suspect pics all over teh world wide web. i have my eye on Vernan Davis but i gota do more searching lol

  5. Hey I dont think he was saying it was a gay/dl fraternity, I think he meant that athletes on the professional level were in a fraternity of sorts. But I am sure that it is a DL frat but its for all high profile dudes in entertainment and sports. I just read this article earlier tonight and it seems to reflect how one would be treated who is cool and secretive on the job as long as no one says anything, people will speculate and even whisper and gossip but it will probably never get back to you. True story, this female on one of my jobs liked me and I really never paid her none, so one day while around a group of other females she said hey John Amaechi(the gay NBA player) I really was a little shocked but I dont think the other women knew who he was, but I just played it off. For what ever reason, it seems like black people are always worried about your sexuality on the job, I never get the sense that other races really even care one way or another, so I cant see it be no different in professional athletics. I dont believe for one minute if you are flamboyantly gay that you will be able to play in peace, so of course their are closeted dudes, but as long as they keep it a secret probably everyone else will too.

  6. The private “parties” at the pro bowl are the place to be. Keep an eye out for which non players shows up and you will know what for.

  7. now …. what do you think the Garnett vs Anthony fight was really about. Kevin commented on a recent “gathering” action to Mello and that breaks the code.

  8. lol don’t you just love it when they turn from super Uber Machismo men to softies of “lgbt advocacy” and then “come out”. I wonder what motivates the coming out? Lack of fan support? Dwindling career?

  9. Point me in their direction!! What parties do I need to attend? How do they meet other men? What is the wolf/fox ratio? I’m getting closer to my fantasy of one day snagging a professional athlete. It WILL happen.

    1. the wolf ratio is higher at invite only “card games” most baller foxes do so privately and outside the circle.

  10. Myth. I don’t doubt there is a good amount of gay and bisexual men in the professional sports world and I don’t doubt some of them know about each other too, but saying there is some kind of gay fraternity is a bit much.

    Even if it is true, its not like they get together and talk politics. They’re probably at some sex party you’d damn near have to sell your soul to get into.

    1. Well there has always been a look out for your own in sports/entertainment whether it be gay or straight. But I can speak from experience that there is an Underground Railroad of clandestine meet and greets, parties and hook ups. So unless you already know someone involved it is difficult to enter this world. Why is it always the 3rd rate player that always wants to kiss and tell.

      1. ^is he talking???

        i liked what he had to say about players helping each other out.
        i hope he isn’t hanging with the blabber mouthes and adopting their negative traits.

    2. You hit the nail on the head. It’s a card party with drinks in a hotel room or closed restaurant. There is a private room but action does occasionally start in the main room if there is just one star attraction.

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