so meagan good wants us to know she is doing good with jonathan majors?

tell us you’re guilty without telling us.
i hate it had to be meagan good in this nonsense.
i don’t understand why she’d want to be involved with jonathan majors,
especially after being in a scandal about allegedly choking his ex out

… but here we are.
i saw a commercial for the new ant man and they edited him tf out.
you hear his voice once but that’s about it.

Was the check good?
Was the sex even better?
Was the bible study successful and they’re on the way to his baptism?
Was she dealing with him on the low and she figured it was the right time for a soft launch?

i have so many questions but alas,
this doesn’t look good at all.
let’s hope she has a master plan because he doesn’t seem to have one.

lowkey: my f-bi showed me harder evidence,
but i was hoping it was “after divorce/in a scandal” sex.
it seems…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “so meagan good wants us to know she is doing good with jonathan majors?”

  1. Personally if I was dating him I would hold off being seen with him in public until after his court hearing.I read his next court date is in June.I would be supportive in private.Hell the D.A. may drop the charges if there isn’t sufficient evidence to go to trial.So why go public now?

    This is looking like a P.R.move, because people who have been fans of his claim he has always kept his private life(his baby mama,his child,etc.) private.

    Meagan’s Godfather is/was Jim Brown (football player) ironically he abused several women throughout his life allegedly.

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