so you can find your treasure on the side of the curb for trash pick up!

^this couch is 8,000 but it’s on sale for 7,460.
it’s from sacha lakic and is being sold on roche bobis.
( x click here if you want to buy said couch )

….or you can skip alla that and find it on the side of the street.

amanda joy,
said she wanted that couch for a hot minute.
imagine her surprise when she saw it for trash pick up.
you know what they say about one person’s trash

@yafavv.mandaa got my dream couch for free🥹 #nyc #nycapartment ♬ vlog, chill out, calm daily life(1370843) – SUNNY HOOD STUDIO

i like the “new anything smell” or the fear of bed bugs looming.
go head tho!
she did say she was “walking in the rain” when she saw it.
i hope she dropped stacks on having that couch cleaned.


When I was a kid,
my grandmother brought in something that our next-door neighbors threw out.
Legit next-door.
It was this nice-looking lamp stand that was made of wood.
She brought it inside and thought it was all good…

Until I open the compartment and an army of bugs came rushing out in anger.
They looked like roaches or something.

my reaction when i saw them coming towards me waving swords.

She had to spray the entire thing down and let it air out outside.
After the enemy camp was destroyed from the inside,
she brought it back inside.
We had it for years after that.

be careful with the trash you bring in your crib.
this goes for other humans too.

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