Laron Landry Is Going To Cut These Shenanigans Out!!!

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 12.26.22 AMWHO.

tumblr_mlaac3shWA1r2phcfo1_500 tumblr_mldz1iIzvL1r2phcfo1_50019934147Z7fnkN38La1i can’t.
i seriously cant.
i gotta take a cold shower.

x his instagram

lowkey: i just want to cuddle with his big ass and cook him food.

Author: jamari fox

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23 thoughts on “Laron Landry Is Going To Cut These Shenanigans Out!!!”

  1. the question is who his photographer….. and i love how he obviously gay but nobody say shit

    1. Miordu-

      OMG IF (and dare I say WHEN) he kicks down that closet door, they will have to roll my soaking wett ass out of here on a stretcher! #AllSheWrote

  2. Me and my home girl fighting over him; he is so phyne and his body is perfect right here…he has a tendency to get stupid swole but regardless he can GET IT!

  3. Mad respect for his workout regime, Im so trying to get my arms like that lol, I been pushing myself extra hard in the gym, but damn this dude is a beast, but he gives me workout inspiration, need to save these in my phone so I can look at them when Im doing that last set to failure.

    1. ^he recently got a picture on his chest with what looks like his parents.


      that is so awkward.
      he is on top of you,
      digging you out,
      and his parent’s faces are staring at you in the face.

      1. CORRECTION: Ummm yeah he needs to pump the brakes on the tatts; enough is enough…however…(((Closes eyes while he digs me out)))

    1. True….I have yet to find any pictures of Landry with females. Apparently off the field he is very low key and quiet. Hmmmm

    1. Vain…yeah you would lose your mind because he would F*** your brains out terribly! I truly believe he beats the guts up!!!!

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