“I’m Jamari Fox. Here Is My Card…”

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

So is that how “it” works?

I was sitting in my room and that quote flashed across my screen.
It seemed that yesterday’s theme was “opportunity”.
I had so many instances where I was smack dad in “opportunity”,
that I thought that maybe it was a hint into my future.

In order to meet the Wolf I wanted, I needed to find an opportunity.
In order to make more money, I needed to prepare my skills for the right opportunity.
In order to rise to the top, I needed both preparation and opportunities.


It all started when I read that thing about Tyler Perry’s casting for his new show.
If I was in his shoes, would I use my power to create opportunity to meet Wolves?

Now, I am a “kinda-sorta-maybe-maybe not” fan of Tyler Perry’s work.
It can be either here or there with me.
Sometimes it is pure fresh coon juice served chilled.
Other times, his work has a message when you look for it.

But I know one thing…


Even Bow Wow agrees.

Rumors have swirled that TP may get more than enough CUT in-between takes.
Rumors I can believe honestly.
He looks like a Fox who had no luck with men UNTIL he became “Tyler Perry”.

Do you have become someone to get everyone?

I was on Twitter and one of my followers works in the entertainment industry.
He appears to be a Wolf, even though he looks like a Fox himself.
You can tell I’m still confused.
He has pictures upon pictures of him surrounded by the finest dudes,
who happen to be Foxes…. or Wolves.
(He may just be a hybrid – Fox + Wolf = Vers)
He also has pictures of him and these same dudes in compromising positions.
I mean dudes laying stomach down; ass up and about to get fucked (he seems to like fat asses).
One that caught my eye was some dude’s head in his lap, and the caption read…

“Shout out to his girl that kept calling…
but he had his mouth full.”

So it’s that easy?

We have to have something that Wolves need for us to meet them?
This is besides a nice tight wet hole.
Is being in the right situation the way in mingling with Wolves you want?
And do these Wolves even want you or what you can offer them?

Terrence Dean wrote the first book on it.
Video Vixens and models (of both species) meet dream Wolves/Foxes on sets of videos or shoots.
Foxes on top usually get the Wolves on the bottom (in that weird role reversal.)
Wolves with a clout get the Fox in doubt.

So if it is THAT easy and that is the almighty answer of “love life”…

Why are we still single?

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17 thoughts on ““I’m Jamari Fox. Here Is My Card…””

    1. it is just very ironic.
      you can be a nothing and meet no one.
      become a someone, and meet everyone.

      is this why everyone in the world is trying to be a celebrity?

      1. Jok but thats ur personal definition of someone. U give people value in your life and i guess if u feel those are the kinds of goods you want, then ull be striving to meet those requirements.

        I however beg to differ. U are always skmebody…..but its u that decides how much others and their circles mean to u…..cause life is a circle. We are in a cycle.

  1. its called the balance of life. i mean think about it we want the fine baller wolves while we make average pay. but in the fantasy world of love people look on the inside and dont worry about what you look like or what can you give them.

  2. it’s true. If you run with the right circles, you’ll meet everyone. They’ve always said in Hollywood-It’s who you know, who you do, who you screw. Remember that lil gang of theivs that was able to rob a few celebs simply cause they had infiltrated that reality-star circle. So yes once you’re in you have full access, at the very least some access. However I dnt think that’s the motivator. I dnt think it’s meeting someone but the thought of being someone. Everybody wants to be somebody.

  3. I’m assuming that producer works in gay porn right?

    I don’t believe any man with a girlfriend would let a dude take a picture of him like that so he could put it on twitter. Someone is lying.

    Yes you meet a lot of attractive people, but they’ll be gone once the money and success leaves. They like the money and the power, NOT the person who has it.

    1. jay…
      you maybe onto something.
      but maybe the guy didn’t see him snap the shot.
      you know this is the day and age of messy behavior.

      and the guy snapping works behind the scenes at a popular black program.

  4. My guess is “The Game”…or BET in general. lol

    His face is hidden too perfectly though. That guy is probably G-A-Y. Any guy with a gf and half a brain is going to stay away from any dude messy enough to tweet pictures of themselves getting head. I digress though, dudes always be gassin.

  5. Does nobody see the french tip on his thumb nail? Just me? Okay.

    Its all about being in the right circles. You have to play yourself in the right situations to meet the types you like and make sure you’re making an effort to be friendly and open. I think the successful types look for those who won’t give them the most trouble while those looking to advance in their careers seek out those who have what they want. TP is for sure bangin’ a few people on w/e cast he’s working on. But its all empty and I’m sure she’s lonely on the inside.

  6. I don’t kno if this is in line with the subject but here it is…I thought about the story of Queen Ester from the Bible who’s dispostion was less in econimical status, who’s ethnic background was dispised amongst her peers and she was attractive but none of these things drew the king (wolf/fox). Out of thousands of women(men)in line to be queen(no pun intended) he chose her over them becaus she stood out from the rest-her principals gave her something that the others didn’t have- TP is a king and he may have a great number of associates but he will choose amongst them who will be his best man. So; there are kings(wolves/foxes/werewolves) amongst all of us seeking out a right hand guy and the one who is a school special officer just may be the one to get him instead of the image of fantasy. If we stand our ground good things come to those who wait. “When the student is ready the teacher shows up”

    1. I don’t know if its healthy to sit around and wait for a man to choose us (which is what i feel like we do a lot of the time). We will do things to try and be what we believe he’s looking for: Nice body, stable income, play hard to get but still try and be available, etc. You can be the most perfect person on earth with principles and values and boundaries and he still may not choose you (and then you’ll have to convince yourself that it’s his loss and he wasn’t the right one for you anyway). Then comes the people who will tell you that you must be patient and wait it out and be yourself and he will come but… at the same time… the people who say this are often single themselves.

      We hold on to the thought of one day our prince will somehow spot us in a crowd, see all of the wonderful thing we have to offer, and in-turn wanna drop his hoe-ish ways, settle down, and commit but.. there are no guarantees with that method.

      1. My first response sums all this up. I believe in patience but i dont believe in x ray vision and the man seeing you through ur living room sipin on a pepsi and watching the 10th season of basketball wives. Everyone should just focus on their own experiences and offer the best advice in perseverance in love for those struggling with it.

  7. This dude posting those pics is messy…not cool. However, I agree that you can’t just sit around & wait, but you also can’t be too thirsty & pressed

    If you know the way you’re doing things is right (or even right for you), you can’t compare yourself w/others who aren’t doing it that way – it only serves to frustrate.

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