Meet Up With A Faceless Stranger (2)


If you were talking to a dude online for a few weeks,
he had no pictures up and was really private,
but you decided to take one for the team and meet him one afternoon…

and he looked like this…. 

…what would you do with him on the first meet?

and do you think he would be feelin’ you?

Honesty gets you 10 points.

Author: jamari fox

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31 thoughts on “Meet Up With A Faceless Stranger (2)”

  1. Ideally?


    I don’t mean ordinary fucking either. I mean the kinda fucking where two weeks later my legs STILL aren’t quite right. Lol

    Wtf cares if he would be feeling me or not, it’s a fantasy. No?

    Not a dude I would go for long term.
    No need in lying though.

  2. You should put more average, everyday dudes up once in a while so there would be more differing opinions and each side can prove their case.

    Every time I see one of these posts I know ,more often than not, the dude can get it before I even click the link, fox or wolf.

  3. Upon first meet I would probably be incredibly intimidated. That thing is too fine. I’d try to play it cool and act aloof because Im sure he’s used to people fawning over him. If he were to ask me to give him head later on I’d play hard to get…

    …for about 30 seconds…

    …and then turn on my A-game.

    He would definitely be feelin’ me though. We’d make a cute couple =)

    1. I like how honest Vain was in his answer!

      I’m sorry but I would be intimidated until I got comfortable and then I’d be ready to take his pipe on a test drive.

      1. Fuck that! I’m usually more on the shy side myself, but when presented with certain opportunities you have to take that bull by it’s horns and ride the shit out of that muthafucka. Lmao!

      2. There are some guys who you just have to give it up to. Like off bat. No questions asks. However he wants it.

        And there will be absolutely no judgement from anyone.

  4. Fall in lust or press charges is what I would normally say, but I am not attracted to him at all. Not even a little bit. No dick jumps, no ass twitching, nothing. As friends, I’d feed him some chicken breasts and then watch the Green Latern bootleg.

  5. He has a nice body, but those come a dime a dozen these days. Honestly, the convo would determine whether we fucked that night or not. Sadly, I think I’ve become conditioned to associating dudes like this with surprisingly bad sex or boring conversation, neither of which I have an appetite for lol.

  6. I don’t know, mostly shallow things. I think he would cheat on me with the gym. His facial features–arched eyebrows and full upper lip–is giving me the bitchy-self absorbed-asshole-vibe. Been there, done that, thought it was sexy for a minute, it wasn’t. No matter how fine a man is he is getting on someone’s nerves that’s close to him. What ever “it” is, he doesn’t have it to me. I don’t see it.

  7. Kerry Rhodes, Dhani Jones, or Braylon Edwards
    Malik Yoba, Rockmond Dunbar, or Boris Kodjoe
    Al Horford, Corey Maggette, Carmello Anthony

    1. Ah, okay. It seems like you have a preference for Virility. Squarer jaws. Thicker cheeks. Stronger brow ridges. Mid to late 30s types who wear button downs and slacks on a first date. Makes sense now.

  8. see foxes and wolves,
    even if i put up a wolf or a fox,
    regardless of looks…. he may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

    i love the answers to why he wasn’t attractive to you.
    it gives good talk as to what kind of personality he may have…
    …which will bring him down to earth and make him more “human” and not “damn he is fine and intimidating”.

  9. Im not really a fan of judging ones personality by a photo. We all have pics that don’t don’t portray us in a totally accurate light.

    People may see me and assume Im one way when I really the opposite.

    To each his own though. He attractive to me though. Nice lips.

  10. Like 1st Jay said, I’d just wanna smash, that’s it. Get the booty & bounce. Partly because he looks like a cocky sumabytch & I just want him to be on the end of my pipe *shrug*

    Nice body, though. Hopefully there’s more to him then that…

  11. Purely from a looks standpoint he’s cute, but he looks like he’d be too into himself so he doesn’t really interest me.

    But on the subject of meeting someone I’ve been talking to online, it depends on his personality. If he’s an arrogant asshole in person, I’d be uncomfortable and want to leave, and I can’t imagine me giving it to someone I don’t like regardless of looks.

    BUT!!! If he is a nice person, I’d jump on and suck up his bone lol. I’d be (pleasantly shocked by his appearance at first, but anyone I talk to online that I’m willing to meet in person, I have to feel comfortable with. His size would make me feel really comfortable quick lol.

  12. The muthafucka is hot a fish grease, but if we’ve been talking online for week what we do honestly will depend on how much and how frequently we’ve talked. If it’s been infrequent, then i’ll just fuck him in my head. If it’s been frequent and he seems into me, then i’ll fuck him in my bed.

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