I Guess All The Hoes Are Retired Off Twitter?

where you can be a hoe peacefully and discreetly.
how do you think all the video vixens and vh-1 stars find meat?
so why would this nfl baller wolf,
quentin qroves who plays for the browns,

4e32180258f45f7880aea75ce894f36fgo looking for street walkers?
someone explain to me…

On April 17, according to the police report, Groves arrived at Room 231 of the Homestead Guest Studios. He had responded to an ad and requested “full service” from an officer posing as a prostitute offering sex for hire, according to records. A price was agreed upon during the call before he arrived.

His court date is May 10.

$195.70 and a box of Magnum condoms were seized as evidence.


…magnums, huh?
quentin offered his apology:

“I want to apologize to the Browns organization, our fans and the city of Cleveland for putting myself in this situation. I realize I let a lot of people down, most importantly my family. I am committed to learning from this and moving forward.”

 tumblr_mksm1mifAW1rfr6fpo2_500do better quentin.
the social hoes come out their panties for a pair of loubs.
maybe a chanel broach if you were lucky.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “I Guess All The Hoes Are Retired Off Twitter?”

  1. Some men prefer sloppy pussy hoes, no strings attached, fucked a never thought of again type of hoes.

    It is what it is.

    But all of the above should have been avoided.
    He has the funds. He has better options.

    His entourage, that’s in camouflage, should of provided the goods discreetly if he wanted a lower-notch hoe. Everybody knows a trustworthy hoe or two–at least they should.

    All that damn drama and he still didn’t get any sloppy pussy.


    Just dumb.

  2. Read the report and think. Charge for extra service? Most females refuse to do it. Makes you wonder ….. just saying

  3. Goes to show that you can be a baller but you can never change anybody lame. $195? How cheap was that ho

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