i brought the rona to the cookout and she might have went home with someone else

the pretty vixen said she went to social distancing 4th kickback,
but one of the vixens that was there literally just recovered from the rona.
she was so tite.
all weekend,
i saw folks out and about with no fucks to give.
i peeped someone’s ig story at a bbq that was wall to wall people.
not a mask in sight.
this was atl at “compound” over the weekend:

let’s circle back about that hennessy bottle in the last video,
this is a holiday weekend where everyone will be outside.
the issue there are many who have the rona and don’t gaf.
snow jackal,
corey hannon,
went to fire island for the weekend for the 4th.
Β he posted the following that someone took a screen shot…

how irresponsible is that?
after he got dragged,
he went as far as to post this:

some people are just really selfish and ignorant.
they legit live that sociopath life with all the flags flying high.
he even tried to break it down even further on his facebook:

why did he even feel the need to mention he had the rona at all?
if you gonna be triflin,
just keep it on the low.
it’s one thing to say:

“Ima head out but i know the risks.
Ima wear my mask and try to maintain social distancing.
if I decided to get some sex,
Ima wear a mask doing that too.”

don’t be like willfully ignorant.
no one respects those types.
they really shouldn’t have given some of these folks social media access.
case in point:

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “i brought the rona to the cookout and she might have went home with someone else”

  1. You know what’s f*** up, the people who’ve been wearing a mask, social distancing and trying to stay safe…will pay the price for these selfish people.
    New York will be on lock again!
    F*** it…the whole USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ will be!
    Yes, I understand it’s summertime β€œlet’s have fun” but things are different now.

    Why are some people having a hard time getting it? 🀦🏽

    1. Exactly. We out here making sacrifices and adjusting to protect others but yet these assholes continue to fucking put us back.

      SN: Can we talk about that weak ass bottle to the head in the video? You deserve to get your ass beat for that weak shit.

  2. Miss Lori is handing out fines like crazy. If she see it on social media, expect a fine to come in the mail. She got Chicago locked although they are copying what New York is doing. She found out how to use the Emergency Text System Trump used so we know when she is pissed. She will literally send a text to everybody with a working phone, send one thru radio, send one thru tv and if you still didn’t get the message, she shuts public transportation down so no traveling is done. All stores, bars, and establishments that don’t serve things that require you to remove your mask have signs, you can’t get served or come inside unless you social distance, wear a mask, or do anything stupid.

    When you have a troglodyte running a country, you get people who act like him. If they allow people to continue to act like that for money, you will see how many more will die.

    What’s crazy is now they acknowledged Obama left a plan in case this happened and they ignored it because his name was on it and didn’t even bother to use it.

  3. HE NEEDS TO BE CHARGED WITH ATTEMPTED MANSLAUGHTER…I feel that anyone who KNOWINGLY has COVID-19 and endangers the lives of others should be treated like a CRIMINAL! Take your selfish, white privileged, thirsty, anorexic, still using looking ass back home for an additional 3 days and continue recovery. It’s 14 days of recommended quarantine NOT 11 days. Ignorant!

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