would you suck on his ring pop to prove your loyalty to him?

even though i’d suck on his ring pop,
i feel like it’s easy to misunderstand that statement.
straight males will often get the side eye for some of the things they do.
i think some gave aj fulp,
who is in the above picture,
a huge side eye for doing this with a ring pop on tik tok

the excuse for this odd challenge:

the comments tho:

first off,
if i ever wanted a train ran on me,
they would all be candidates.
holy guacamole burgers.
the first wolf and then aj.

that just screamed “wow! didn’t know you had the rona!“.



why did they need to show us this?
did they think vixens were gonna be like “omg future husband goals“?

as sexy as they are,
this was kinda sorta not it.


maybe it would have helped if they got naked after?

lowkey: he seems to be enjoying everyone pressing him.
its all in how you handle your bad press.

check out aj’s tik tok: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “would you suck on his ring pop to prove your loyalty to him?”

  1. Okay, besides the germ factor here…it’s a very boring video 🥱
    Now if it was them popping three dicks in my mouth… I get it!
    This just makes no sense 🤷🏻

  2. Did they do this in the order of fine…because it went 9 1st guy, 8 second guy, 7 third guy and 3 for the last guy

    1. LMAOOO, I think that last guy is the gay football player. He came out in HS and was playing for some school. But it was a big thing when he did. I know I follow him I just forgot his name.

      But he’s a dead ringer for sure

  3. Ppl are going in on this video and another with a group of shirtless guys in a line all eating the same peach with a can of (cheap) whip cream. The funny thing about that one is I see more ppl mad about the quality of the whip cream than anything else. But yeah, ppl are bored and desperate for attention so they doing all this weird stuff for attention. Don’t matter who responds. Major side eye, But they welcome to it, long as they don’t go infecting nobody else with nothing.

    1. The video of the shirtless guys with the peach and “cheap” 😂 whip cream was filmed by photographer Marvin Bienaime.Although it was mostly dragged on social media he was ecstatic because it went viral.He reposted a video of an IG comedian making fun of the video.Marvin posted that he won again because all he cares about his number of views,not if the response is positive or negative.One of the models he works with,Robby XL called him “The Viral King”.

      The ring pop guys probably only care about number of views or “going viral”too.

      1. We all know that dragging a person in public doesn’t mean you didn’t subscribe and you aren’t in their DMs. Getting dragged might even get you some sympathy money from somebody trying to stand out.

  4. I don’t really see the problem here. If they were sharing a joint they’d be celebrated. And people wonder why there are so many DL dudes. If your sneeze isn’t manly enough you get the side eye.

  5. Yeah tic tok ain’t fah me 🤷🏾‍♂️ Just a bunch of pointless videos with music playing in the background

  6. CORVID -19 ,CORVID 19 – CORVID 19 , CORVID -19 .. Oh yeah Corvid 19!!!!!!!!!!

    ( I know people who have died from CORVID 19 complications. .Why are so many people ignoring this!!!! )

    I never realized how many cold , ignorant selfish people there were.

    I now see why Donald Trump became “Yall” President!!!!

  7. Ummm, am I missing something? They all sucked on it so why are they calling Aj out specifically? Is it the way he did it? Can someone explain?

  8. Passing around a ring pop seems like a good way to pass around covid-19. Covid-19 will take you out faster than HIV and it’s much easier to get.

  9. I am not shallow, but the gays drool over any ole thing that doesn’t have high body fat. These look like little boys with facial hair trying to be sexy. Where are the DeAngelos? What R&B singer could do what he did? Trying to be sexy is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO corny. Just be you!

  10. I always found sharing blunts disgusting, caveman-like and among the same sex, quite gay.

    The only person I’ll share anything that goes in my mouth is cake with my husband on our wedding day.

    And they’re wack for not doing the “Baby girl gimme something, oh”. That’s what I thought it would be. Rhythmless boring louts.

  11. what THE FUCK?! yeahhhh straight men, idk bout them sometimes. how is sharing germs a test of loyalty? 😐

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