mayor keisha lance bottoms is another example for some to still ignore

atlanta has been on some new shit ever since they opened up.
you’d think it was only just white folks acting a fool,
but i’ve seen quite a few “us” with no cares in the world.

well mayor keisha lance bottoms had something to tweet on her twitter…

so i have a question:

If you have no symptoms,
how do you even know to go test to see if you have the Rona?

i’d understand if you had like a bad cough or a high fever,
but if you’re asymptomatic,
how would you know to go to the doctor to get tested?

i was telling someone that the rona is really like the hiv crisis back in the day.
you got folks out here going raw outside with no masks and passing it around.
what kills me is people protesting about not wearing a mask


isnt that weird af?
folks are showing their whole cheeks for their freedom…
to be healthy.

jillian is so shady.
her response makes me laugh every time i read that.
listen foxhole,
the world has gone mad and i seriously want no parts.
i hope keisha lance bottoms has a speedy recovery.

lowkey: cuomo and deblasio ain’t gonna open up new yawk,

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “mayor keisha lance bottoms is another example for some to still ignore”

  1. Georgia opened up too early and florida is steam ahead for closure come Wednesday already. I got tested today and waited 5hr for drive thur but whats scary is our respiratory droplet can travel far beyond 6ft but like 12ft so closing these restaurant should be mandated. I would have prefer Trump as an lab experiment but its just a matter of time.

  2. I read an article that says she got tested because her husband had been laying around for a few days and that wasn’t like him.

  3. My best friend was told she had rona, before her test results even came back. They told her there was no medicine or anything they could, just quarantine for 2 weeks.

    Basically we all have it at this point.

  4. Chile, and she will be the first one at the ER screaming for help when she is infected with COVID-19! I’ve seen her type many times in my past career! 👀👀👀 #trustandbelieve

  5. Mayor Bottoms is doing an awesome job for the city of Atlanta. The I have we must stop killing ourselves. BLM when a white officer kill us, but it should go both ways. We are human beings not animals!!!

    1. Mayor bottoms sounds like a title many in Atlanta try to claim. lmaoo

      Lemme be immature over in my corner….

      1. Not true. Her name is Lance Bottoms.

        Most in Atlanta aren’t trying to lance or poke anything.

  6. I watched an interview she did with Chris Cuomo she has allergies so she has had headaches and dry cough but she has those symptoms every year because of seasonal allergies.Her husband has been asleep since Thursday which is not normal so that’s why they got tested.They both tested positive and one of their children tested positive,one tested negative.Her two remaining kids still have to be tested and her mother has to get tested because she spent time with her mother yesterday.She said she was in shock when she got the results and doesn’t know who they got it from.

    1. @Y Colette her husband has been asleep since Thursday which is not normal…duh you think it’s not normal Einstein 👩🏿‍🏫 dumbass

  7. She’s trash and visual proof that voting for people that look like us is pointless.

    Atlanta might as well have a white man for a Mayor, at least then he couldn’t weaponize his black skin for white supremacy.

  8. I hate to see comments such as the few above for many reasons, especially from us. Anyhow, Keisha is a wonderful woman and she’s flawed just like the rest of us. I hope she and her family recovers quickly.

    1. It’s the mentally of being harsher on your own, while giving a pass to people who aren’t in our community. That explains blacks for trump who hated Obama. (I have a brother like that). They scrutinized everything black leaders do, but it’s crickets for white leaders.

  9. Lol y’all cape for these bourgeois blacks y’all elect that only care about black people that are of a certain socioeconomic status and they do absolutely nothing.

    Then it’s crickets when these white conservatives ask “How can you blame white people for gentrification when your Mayor is black? How can you blame us when your Police Chief is black?”

    They’re right! But keep on thinking “representation” is all that matters.

    It’s FUCK all the black politicians that are not authentically moving us forward as a people.

    1. Yep it’s, It’s FUCK ALL politicians that are not authentically moving us forward as a people.

      I don’t care what color you are, shame on you if you court our vote and then do nothing for our community.

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