Get My Good Side As We Racially Profile You

i don’t know when last i ate at applebees.
there are so many great hidden spots in new yawk to eat at.
well it’s good to see more racism alive and well tho!
so two black vixens decided to eat at a applebees in st. louis.
the waitress thought they were two other black vixens who “dipped and dashed” the night before.
a foxholer sent me what happened via facebook

“get my good side”.
ima get your fuckin’ good side asshole.
look right into it.

my lawyer is going to love that same good side in this lawsuit.
dick head.

these folks stay trying it!!!
like wtf????
is it “in” to be fired because of racism???


this is why you have it on your phone.
i stay having my phone charged in case i gotta make my directorial debut.
in a situation like this,
they did the right thing by filming it for evidence.
i don’t think i’d let it go viral until my lawyer gave me the okay.
by that time,
it would be after it’s on the 11 o’ clock news.
make sure you get the badge numbers for any hunters at the scene.
i don’t play that shit.
i hope those vixens get some kind of justice for that ignorance.
it better not be some damn “eat free on us” coupons either.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Get My Good Side As We Racially Profile You”

  1. Cop: Let’s do a role reversal. What would you do in my position?

    Me: Um, how bout you check security cameras for the culprits and see if it matches my face before u accuse me of some B/S! *flipping everybody off under the table*


  2. I haven’t eaten at Applebee’s forever but that’s because a friend told how they really get their food and how you eating it…. Applebee’s is so 2009…

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