f0xmail: I Am Becoming Insecure About My Sex Game! Help!


Hey Jamari,

I hope everything is going great.  I recently turned 28 years old (I feel so “out of place” with everything sometimes–social media and even things that trending).
Sex: I have smashing (or being smashed) for years. I guess I’m a pro lol and that makes me a “hybrid”.  However, I always wanted to know if I had “good booty”. I make sure that it’s CLEAN and smooth. I don’t get fucked often like I wanted or as frequently lol. The “trade” always say “you creaming” or “that’s some good shit”.  I guess I always self-doubting myself because I always think they say that to all the other foxes. As far as my “manhood” the girls always that its big cuz they see the print. But I think it’s average. Even in bed, they can’t take it ( that what they say). I guess I have become very insecure about my sex life/game.  It seems that with social media, that everyone is banged out and I’m behind the curve.
I don’t know how to feel. I guess the lack of sex and interaction of dating has made me feel unattractive.  I shouldn’t compare myself to the guys on Instagram, etc; however, those the guys I want to date and become.  I should be happy that I’m alive and happy.  What do you think?
Love the blog, keep it up.  The FOXHOLE loves you!!!


thank you reader!
i love the foxhole just the same.

in reading this,
i was a bit confused.
you started out saying you have a good pipe and tail.
folks tell you it’s good,
but you don’t know if you believe it.
you feel insecure because everyone is out here fuckin,
but judging from what you’re fontin’,
you get/got a good amount of sex when you need it.
you also fonted:

“the attentionistos on social media are who i want to date and become.”

well i hate to break it to you,
but judging from your foxmail,
you come off as one of those attentionistos.

they tend to be:

painfully insecure
fuckin to the point of no return/not getting any sex at all

most of the times,
what you think you’re getting on social media,
you’re actually not.
you think they’re out here fuckin because they look good,
and i’m sure some are,
but you don’t know if the dick/tail might be trash.
i like to think the things we want,
and even hate,
are usually staring at us in the mirror.
if you pay attention to everything you wrote,
you’ll see you’re not too far off from who you want.
i don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad.
i say stop looking at others and get your confidence up.
if someone is telling you you’re bawdy parts are good,
chances are,
it might just be good.
unless they’re all plotting against you to have you out here looking crazy…
i hope this answered your question foxholer!


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “f0xmail: I Am Becoming Insecure About My Sex Game! Help!”

  1. Big pipe doesn’t mean good pipe. Creamy booty could mean so many things that I won’t touch right now. The foxholer is justified in his insecurity. He is a man after all. It’s good that he doesn’t believe the hype . That will keep him on his toes and hopefully keep his sex game fresh and on point. I’m not sure what the obsession is between these millennials and IG attentionistos! Like a lot of them are filtered, cropped, half truth was niggas. They’re cute to look at, but it’s better to focus on what’s in front of you. Become the best YOU possible and you’ll most certainly attract what you desire.

  2. To be honest it’s a trial on trial thing and pefences, some guys like a tight booty while others don’t like the mega grip. In a sense you only know if your dick or booty is good depending based on your partner’s reaction/ comments to it.BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t have more confidence in yourself and put your all into it.

    It can be hard not to compare yourself to others but try really hard to focus on your own strengths. There are lots of gays on ig and such who give off these in the scene and fast lifestyles with great style, looks, or bodies but struggle with stuff just like the rest of us.

    Practice makes perfect, if you’re not sure about your givng or receiving skills take out some times throughout the week to give it a go. Use a dildo and practice riding and gripping and releasing your hole while it’s in you. Your sexual confidence can increase with practice and some research, there are lots of gay sex tips and convos on Reddit and tumblr you can look up.

    I don’t know any tips on giving since I’m a fox but I’m sure some wolves in the foxhole can give you sone 🤫

    Good luck

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