Shawn Is An “I Want Chocolate Milk On Site” Kind of Wolf

i feel bad.
i am in lust with this young wolf.
shawn wels.

he’s like,
he’s way below my “you have to be this old to ride this”,
but i mean…

those pecs?
those arms?
that facial?
he is like a teenage dream.
i love how suggestive his recent modelling pics are:

i don’t know think the photographer,
jim johnson,
wanted me to want “strong bones and teeth” after this shot.
i’m actually in the mood for chocolate milk now.
after doing more sniffing around on shawn,
i learned he has been in the army since after high school:

this explains all these modeling shots.
i’d actually love to see how he uses his big…
can you make that happen for me?

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Shawn Is An “I Want Chocolate Milk On Site” Kind of Wolf”

  1. To my foxhole family who knows me already know what I’m about to write. Dark skin, muscles, nice teeth, oh and most important good job, ding ding ding we have a winner. Damn where can I find a gay replica of him, but a little older lol?

  2. Jamari this is what I’m talking about, I know you have your IG but I love when you post people on your site with all the commentary. One thing though I thought it was stated somewhere that he was 20 or at least on his Instagram it states 20 years 6’2 at 215 lbs.

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