and to think in the beginning,
she was “the different one“.

can people tell when someone isn’t into them?

people can get into relationships,
have sex,
have good sex,
and it still won’t mean shit.
that is what i feel about the saga that is tristan thompson and khloe kardashian.


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he is JUST not into her.
it got confirmed he got that random pregnant,
after denying that he had never done anything with her,
and he posts this ig  once it’s confirmed he is the baby daddy...

i love that we have to witness his triflin’ behavior every season like they’re on maury.
this shit is soooooooooooo ghetto.
i love how these folks are legit stereotypes in these relationships.

Remember when they treated Jordyn Woods like shit for him?

i’m glad to see the wheel of karma continue to spin.

honestly tho,
this is what is promoted in dating these days.
the songs.
the ig posts.
the shit we see with our friends and family.
these toxic-ass situationships with kids being brought into dysfunction.

Yet the gays will bring the world to its knees.

we be like jordyn in these situations,
don’t we?
this is what happens when the straights don’t have good discernment.
most of them never do.
they end up entertaining us in these maury povich spinoff episodes.

lowkey: the money these males be paying in child support.
it makes me vomit just thinking about it.

Author: jamari fox

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  1. Embarrassment fetish? I don’t think that’s it. I think she just picks horrible guys lol. She needs to continue being single

  2. Remember when they dragged jordyn for a year and a half because of him and now look at her still being mistreated & going to stay with him.

  3. There are two things going on with her:

    1) Living her life out there on Social Media ( In the Biggest way possible)

    2) Picking guys , Ball Players ,etc. ,who live life on Social Media ( We see everything they do, and some girls target them due to who they are and who they F@ck ; A Kardashian )

    She needs to be more discreet and do some research on these dudes before getting so caught up. Her luck is no worse than the average person it’s just under a huge microscope!!!!

  4. Not to sound abrasive but it’s ugly girl syndrome. Although I wouldn’t consider her ugly, she was always clowned for being the least attractive sister. Not only is Tristan a NBA player, he’s one of the few that would be desirable even if he wasn’t. So maybe part of her feels unworthy or lucky to have bagged him so she puts up with his trash. No amount of IG filters and surgery can fill the void of feeling like the ugly duckling of the family. She looks great now she just needs the self esteem too match.

    1. I was going to say the same thing. Her self-esteem is low. She gets these guys who feed on her insecurities (Lamar, Tristan, etc) and they know it.

      On another note, Tristan should be apologizing to the other mother of his child because he publicly embarrassed her saying she was stupid if she thinks she trapped him, and that she wasn’t getting any money from him, he was going to be a non-existent father, etc.

      They BOTH need to wake the fuck up and move on. Tristan thinks with the head between his legs and not the one on his shoulders, and that will never change. The apology is a stunt, means nothing because he will do it again.

  5. Khloe
    Should just buy a good vibrator or a fake Wesley Pipes sized big old black one and just fantasize while she rides it or it rides her. A good orgasm will clear her head and allow her mind to clear.
    Maybe she enjoys sharing her man. She knows he isn’t exclusively her MAN. I wish the Kardashians would just go away publicly. Spend your money and be happy. Just go away.

  6. It looks like the KarJens are starting a new trend that Khloe needs to “keep up” — no more Knee-Grows!

    Check it — Kim is dating Pete, Kourtney got Travis, Kylie WILL dump toxic Travis ..

    Kendall is at least trying the trend by dating the lightest, brightest brotha out there. Khloe may want to stop trolling the NBA and try the PGA … LOL!

    1. Shyt, Pete and Travis aren’t any better. They just as trifling. It will come out.

      I honestly don’t believe Travis & Kourtney will last. Theirs is a sexual bond.
      Pete strikes me as odd. Why/how Kim ended with him is beyond me, but I don’t see that lasting either. These chicks date to keep their names in the media…the more attention it gets, the better for them.

      I wish they would just disappear. Lol

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