ima font you something foxhole.
don’t let this online shit fool you.
we let this social media shit become our reality.
we think that if it’s happen on social media then it’s the outside world.
ima be 110 wit you.
if some of these males i post,
that was gay/bi in real life,
and i met them in real life…

I have no doubt I’d bag a lot of them.

let us work at the same job,
have classes together in school,
or be in a mutual friend group.
i work best when in the shadows.
i’d be hookin up with more than a few.
i’m not a “143 dms ave” type of he-hoe.

Jamari Fox is an experience in real life.

this is why i’ve lured many curious males into my den.

many of them are fine and are popular on social media.
some people’s boyfriends have tried to cheat with me.
sometimes tho,
i gotta turn whatever i got going on down because it’s created drama.
i’ve even had vixens be into me as well.
why shouldn’t they?
i’m not perfect by any means but in real life…

I look good,
I smell good,
I dress good,
I joke good,
I sarcasm good,
I fun good,
I personality good,
and most of all,
I spirit is good.

i’ve never been good at bagging wolves in dms.
i can give my full personality in that shit when everyone wants to be dry.
what i am good at is making my presence known around a wolf,
making a few jokes,
hitting him with some sarcasm,
light touches on his arms or shoulders while in conversation,
lots of eye contact,
and making him feel like he has known me for years.

That doesn’t translate well online and I started to be okay with that

some of these folks have no personalities outside of that dm shit.
all they are good at creating the aura that they are the ones to know.
i’ve been around a ton of them in real life and it’s an entirely different experience.

this is why a lot of ya’ll be hooking up with these fine-ass “straight” males offline.
ya’ll meet them at work or at school.
you set the trap in person and it enticed them.
the best thing you can do to any male is make him feel comfortable.
he has to know won’t tell his business to anyone.
you can get him to do almost anything.
that is where it matters tbh.
don’t let these cocky lames make you feel otherwise over a few damn likes.

They be the ones trying to deep dive in my whole asshole after I make them feel stupid.

…and that back and forth banter gets me sooooooooooo open.

lowkey: i think i’m a lowkey master at creating sexual tension with a dude.
i think the issue is they be too scared to do anything about it.


  1. Jamari if it stays like this, my social life is DOOMED.

    Being quiet and cute and having people wonder who I am and what I’m about, has worked for me. That doesn’t translate to online.

    Like dang, I want somebody to invite me to sit with them because I look lonely smh!

    And it’s so much easier for a guy to see you at the grocery store over several months, food place, etc and build up courage to talk. Online they will just watch your story and never interact but the second you seem like you’re taken, cuss you out and block you. Mind you it was me out with my sister. It’s the ones calling everyone “weirdos” that are the weirdos themselves.

    1. Say this!!!!

      I mentioned the other day the dude who used to text me and ain’t spoken in months but in my story every fucking Day men are so weird

      I hate social media interactions

  2. Amazing👁️❤️👁️❤️it!
    Cancer’s are the King’s and Queen’s of seduction.
    A man sure enough wants comfort over conflict. Home cooked meals, breakfast in bed. He wants that mind fucked until his brain nuts, then you give him some good head with no hands. That’s the Cancer vibe. 💯

  3. Thanks for another excellent commentary!

    Social media creates this comfortable , ego boosting environment with “Likes “,”Comments” and “DM’S” from anyone. It could be a Kid, Grand Parent, Male or Female. [People who in person may never approach the targeted object of their affection ]. This in turns blows their heads up thinking .” I have hundreds of people after me and I can choose whomever I like.”

    Add to this is the fact that you have real Celebrities , Athletes, and Influencers on the same platform. This gives hope that an even “Bigger Fish” can slide into their DM’S.

    The end result is they reject really good candidates .Hopefully, we will return to more in-person human interactions that will provide all those characteristics that you mentioned can seal the deal ( or as you say “Bag Em”).

  4. Jamari u nail it again
    I remember I was in Harlem with a friend before the pandemic eating at a restaurant

    My friend is always flashing his print online, posting sexual memes, etc.

    And a “Wolf” as u would call him stopped with his male acquaintance (could’ve been swingers or maybe just friends)

    Walks over and my friend says “hi”

    The guy goes “no I wanna talk to HIM.”

    And he goes “I just wanted to let u know you’re real handsome” and shook my hand

    My friends mouth dropped. Not in a way that he couldn’t believe it, because I’m cute & put together. But in the community today, men who don’t regularly display themselves sexually , don’t get approached the same way in comparison to those who do.

    These are the types of interactions I have publicly

    But online , DMS etc. when I stepped aside from following a lot of gays and trying to go viral at 23, 24, my social media presence got noticeably less attention

    And when I started my podcast I uploaded a shirtless avatar and got 1k impressions. So I think men are definitely affected by surface level attraction online. If you ain’t showing off, it doesn’t exist. In person I’m a whole vibe


      i’m not really into being a vibe online.
      i love that people can have a sense of who i am on the foxhole.
      my strength is def not getting someone in dms sadly.

      1. Straight men always make me the homey, because I don’t read as gay to them. I know some fem guys who’ve bagged some dime str8s, because their masculinity doesn’t feel challenged by fem men.

        Ur a handsome dude. Do you ever just use ur words instead of flirting? Tell a mofo ur trying to see wasup w him! 0 grey area.

        1. ^oh these negros i meet love living in the grey area.

          i’m a beast when i’m comfortable,
          but i hold back due to my fear of rejection.
          if someone gives me the green life,
          its a different story.

          are you supposed to be bold in dms?
          i feel like that shit never works for me lol

          1. Hell if I know. I’ve decided a man would have to fall into my lap w a sign that says ‘I wanna be gay together with you’ to get my attention. Smh

            But try using your words. Ask him out. The worst he can say is no.

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