You Will Not Lie and Say You Banged Dez Bryant With A Strap On

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dez bryant is not happy camper.
hell i’m not.
i always pictured dez as some dick slangin’ super hero.
some groupie twitter account alleged she used a strap on dez.
or that he wanted it done in the near future.
check these tweets from their alleged sext episode…

After @NFL_NBA_Hoe Tweeted that Dez Bryant was a fan of the strap, and Tweeted an alleged text message exchange between them to prove it, Dez Bryant threatened to sue.

found: rhymes with snitch

that was kinda… hot n nasty?
it actually turned me on.
sorry dez.
you know i luh’d you.
this is what he had to say in response:


well you know what?
some powerful alpha wolves like a little ass play.
something about tired of dominating,
so they like to be dominated.
strap ons.
even other wolves.
some powerful wolves just like to be dominated.
at least dez didn’t want to be dressed up as a baby,
and spanked like another baller wolf i know.


lowkey: i wish we coulda got some tweets from that hoe twitter.
mad they shut it down.
sounded like a good read.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “You Will Not Lie and Say You Banged Dez Bryant With A Strap On”

    1. It still can be fake. A groupie can Google an area code. On some real shit, I don’t see Dez having these types of fetishes. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t even see him getting piped.

  1. Runs out of thread screaming, you will not blaspheme my imaginary man in my head Dez Bryant. Im not having it. Sue that Beotch Dez. LMAO. Im thinking this is probably bullshit for some attention starved soul to get their 15 minutes.

  2. I was wondering when you were going to put this story up! I dont believe this trick at all. These groupies are something else. Even though I truly want to believe that Dez gets down (and if he does I’m hoping he’s a top), I just dont believe he will be so stupid as to let some random bust down know about it.

    SN: That is some fine chocolate right there….wheeew!

  3. Nice. What’s the biggie he wants some dick strap on, his fetish, no biggie…and the myopic idiots that can’t see past his “baller wolf” image to think he can’t ‘get piped’ are stupid.

    Threatening does not mean it is not true, it’s just a good way to get positive pr

  4. Dead @ y’all thinking just because you don’t see him having these types of fetishes, that he’s not into it x__x

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