WOLF MEAT: (331)


just imagine that ripple effect
when you smashin’ these following cakes to death…

…you know you want those rotund plastic cakes.
don’t fight it.
ok bye!



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (331)”

  1. As a fox I can appreciate some nice cakes, but damn! Those things might explode if a wolf start going hammer time on them thangs

  2. sometimes I like to grab a bottom by his neck and start pounding the shit out him. you can’t do that with a fake ass because it could burst. i fucked a video chick with a fake ass and it was the worst sex ever. nothing is better than a natural ass from the back no matter the size.

    1. it ain’t easy. first it feels fake. you can feel the implant when you rest yo hands on the cheeks. second it don’t move or jiggle. when you slap it, it feels weird as fuck. third there no bounce back. when you fuckin a natural fat ass, the nigga or bitch naturally bounces off ya dick like in that gif. fake ass you gotta move slow or you could bust the implant

  3. Lurker here can we take a moment to appreciate that moving image up top????? I am hard as fuck right now and out in public with friends. Damn! !!! !!!!

  4. Yuck, but I bet my last bottom dollar that this dude pulls more good looking baller wolves than any video vixen. No Bueno for any of this.

  5. He better get it! I know his phone inbox nor his bed are ever empty. Everybody saying they wouldn’t, secretly would or want to lol

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