Devin Thomas Has A Big Ass Head.

Not seriously.

But seriously, why ain’t no one” tell me that he was on Wendy Williams?


Calm down Vixens.
I may have to air drop some bombs on that studio.

… and he is single, huh?
*cues up master plan*
There is no reason I should be getting that Super Bowl pipe with an omelet on the side…

He is becoming too popular.
Which means his head is about to explode.
Which also means if he wins this Super Bowl, he will be on some new extra shit.
Which means his stock is about to go down.
Which means I’ll probably not be interested anymore.
I don’t do the popular Wolves.

… So maybe he will have a “Big Ass Head” soon?

Every mofo is trying to get a piece…
…and quite frankly, I like to be chased rather than chase.

PS: The fake Devin Thomas twitter ( @MrDevinThomas_ ) needs to stop this RIGHT NOW!

Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “Devin Thomas Has A Big Ass Head.”

  1. Fysh ain’t stupid! They wouldn’t shut up lol. When Wendy was like “stay outta the clubs” they got upset like… then how else am i going to get my chance?!?!

    Single? That man is the truth! Now if they just made them like that in our sizes….

  2. Thing is, Devin doesn’t strike me as the type of person to get a big head.Him being attractive isn’t new and so I’m sure women (and men) throwing themselves at him isn’t new either. When I find out he shaved all of his hair in support of Breast Cancer (I believe that’s what it was), it made him very attractive; beyond the aesthetics.

    1. ^really?
      because around the time it happened,
      it was during the lock out and he went on a crazy tweeting spree.
      it was very strange…
      and then his head was shaved and it was UN-explained.

  3. Is it just me or did he seem really uncomfortable and awkward? I don’t think he actually enjoys that kind of attention.

      1. All ready has the big head they say. Doesn’t hang out with other players. Hanging out with Tyson……. so maybe he is ……. if your reading and walking stop …………… NYG newest Fox !

  4. I was #teamDEVIN before he kinda blew up.

    I don’t think he is big headed, I mean he KNOWS he is fine but he doesn’t come off like he is arrogant. I know I am going to catch hell but fuck it, I was VERY shock by his accent. It just caught me off guard.

    He is a cutie but not my type (give me a man with cakes for days like Mike Turner or Larry Fitzgerald).

    I wish him nothing but the best though! Love to see a black man doing it!

  5. #whoisjamarifox :
    because around the time it happened,
    it was during the lock out and he went on a crazy tweeting spree.
    it was very strange…
    and then his head was shaved and it was UN-explained.

    Yeah. I could’ve sworn he said it was in support of Breast Cancer Awareness or something like that.
    The tweeting spree is probably just his personality.
    Think about how hard it must be to be “just a face” to most people. His entire career is based around what he can do physically and people are attracted to him simply because of that. It must be really frustrating at times to have no one really interested in what you have to say.

  6. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^I can see that.
    You know people who LOVE that attention.
    (Terrell for example)

    That’s true. But I’ve never gotten that vibe from him. I’m sure he’s well aware of the fact he’s attractive to people, but I don’t see that dominating his life or his personality.

  7. Hello Jamari! This is my first time viewing Devin beyond all the pics on the ‘net. He is an attractive young man. I see why he’s Daddy! 😉 From watching this interview he seems to be a humble down to earth guy.

  8. I saw him on that day and INSTANTLY thought of you. How does one send you an email or comment?

    He’s not my cup of tea. He’s definitely handsome and everything but something tells me he knows it… and too much for his own good. His head is about to swell and not for the good.

  9. I cant even front this dude is the truth, just a beautiful man. It does seem like he likes the spotlight but he is not entirely comfortable in it.

  10. It’s funny cause when this aired I instantly thought of this website, now whenever i see Devin on TV i think of Jamari lol.

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