Could You Try To Get Into This Snow Wolf’s Body?

i find some snow wolves to be very sexy.
like this body here (who we will get into in a minute):

i was hoping and praying p!nk put out the video for her “try”.
i love that song and i love the lyrics.
well, when i watched the video and the above owner of that body was in it…
i couldn’t take my eyes off him…

everyone this is colt prattes.
he is a broadway actor who happens to be very flexible:


(p!nk is a beast.)
but imagine that body on chocolate or caramel skin

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Could You Try To Get Into This Snow Wolf’s Body?”

  1. IDK about snow wolves, but snow foxes are a bit freaky. I’d rather not be someone’s ‘flavor fetish’ tho…

  2. Very true indeed. I agree. It’s a inverted form of racism to me. White guys who say, “Give me that big black cock!” Is no difference than saying,”Give me the black jungle Zulu monkey Dick (N-word here)!Mom & dad says its no hood for me and pure riffraff, but I’m feeling so notty disobedient I just have to have it!” But that’s another story all together..lols Sometimes I wonder, would they care as much for the Dick if it was the same complexion as them? Maybe not.

  3. I can deal with a man that is white, but it would not be on a regular basis because I do feel that white people regardless will turn their back on you when times get tuff!

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