Wyclef Jean Wants To Be Your “Meat Of The Minute”

he says he wants to be in the running with all the baller wolves.
he feels he can overtake devin thomas and laron landry.

wyclef celebrated his 43rd birthday and decided to hop on his bike,
oiled up and shirtless.
ready to see him fight for the crown?

i was suppose to be serious.

he looks good for 43.
that’s all i got.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Wyclef Jean Wants To Be Your “Meat Of The Minute””

  1. lol he has a nice body but yea his leg ashy as hell…..i noticed the ground was less ashy looking than his leg cute looking feet tho

    1. Aye Be nice…lol Hopefully we’re in great shape when we reach his age. Some foxes and wolves just let themselves go these days as they get older. Just broke down out of shape and all kinds of late.lolz

  2. Im going to give Clef his props, brotha is looking good. Im not worried about the feet. The positions I would be in wouldnt allow me to see them, if you get what im saying.

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