britney spears vocals made me fall out of my chair in wonderment!

i was sitting at my computer table last night looking at stories being sent in.
i saw a story about britney spears.
i brace myself when i see her name in the headlines.
so it was something about her having a new song in the works.
without any further context,
i clicked the link in the email to her ig post.


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i kid you not,
i did this after the first shriek from the abyss of the banshee:

it startled me!!!
i was waittttttttttt a gaddamn minute!
tfis going on here?!
not the mary mary remix to “shackles”:

and here go this one under comments:

when was brandy‘s crown given to britney?
britney was never a vocalist by any standards.
she was an entertainer with a passing voice who sang great pop songs.
let’s call a spade a spade here and not give it more than it is.
the reason she was so popular is that she came off as genuine,
didn’t take herself seriously,
had tons of sex appeal,
made people talk about her,
and has a ton of charisma.
she posted this under the video before an alleged delete:

my white “classy” family?
uh oh…

if ya’ll like it thennnnnn i guess i’ll love it.

lowkey: i’ll keep saying and fonting that something is off.
my foxy/cancer senses are picking up on something.

i feel this “free britney” crowd is gonna be crickets if some shit really goes down.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “britney spears vocals made me fall out of my chair in wonderment!”

  1. Britney is different than the image that was sold to us, She’s smarter, Deeper and Quirkier/Spontaneous/Crazy ( Most true artist are) [An example is Bork ]

    Her family and record company doesn’t want us to see this so they drugged her and locked her down

    We are seeing and witnessing a raw and honest view of her that is a lot of IDGAF!!!!!!. These vocals are simply her being totally free. I love it, Now commercial wise is needs the right producer, vocal coach ,etc

    Many of us have issues . Anxiety , Bipolar , Depression . We just don’t film it .She does!!!!

  2. She’s just expressing herself, finding herself, and rebuilding the confidence that was stripped from her. I will allow it.
    Britney is a little odd/quirky, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s actually endearing that she isn’t trying to be perfect anymore.

  3. I am beginning to like what Britney is putting forward. She’s stripped away all the noise and smoke screens built around her and she’s presenting a no filters view. Not many superstars will dare do that. I tip my hat to her.

  4. Absolutely. Very brave and rare. I like the rawness. I am eager to see what she puts out during this new phase. I am routing for her too.

  5. Brandy’s first album had some amazing songs. Many of those provided the soundtracks to the life of the young adult Khalil31. The second album has some good tracks too, but I never allowed my ears to deceive me into believing Moesha had any real meat in her throat, songstress wise. She entertained, which is what Entertainers do. After learning that Brandy’s Dad taught voice, I was like ” This is all she could do with a voice teacher in the house where she lives”?
    Good luck Britney. Keep snatching crowns and weaves, Booski.🌹

    1. A voice teacher parent is exactly why Brandy sounds sooo great and is considered the vocal Bible! Being a great singer has nothing to do w being a loud church mezzo. Singing talent is based on how you use your voice (w your ear), not on how loud it is, like 9/10 black ppl would have you believe.

      1. Brandy’s voice isn’t huge like a pattie or Whitney, but she has just as many tools. Plus her voice is very deeps. Her control is amazing. Here harmonies are like honey, and her runs are unique.

      2. Nasal nasal nasal. She sings thru her nose, Jason Bourne. Vocal Bible? WTF r u talking about? Drinking? Smoking? Snorting?
        Madonna has sold millions sounding like shit and so has Janet Damita Jo Jackson. There catchy tunes are definitely memorable and were and still are widely played. They possess (C)harisma (U)niquesness (N)erve and barely (T)alent
        Voice isn’t very important for music industry success, that is well documented. Happy New Year.💯🎉💋

  6. I laughed so fucking hard until I got to these dumb Ass comments. Jesus take the wheel with the delusion! Britney has lost her marbles y’all and y’all gonna realize that she was best under somebody’s care and watch. I really hope she don’t go off the deep end and she get her meds right. Smh

  7. “Leave Britney Alone!” — Chris Crocker

    Lmfao! She like recording her freedom and even tho I am NOT a Britney stan, she expressing herself. I support that side of Britney, that’s it. I don’t care about her singing but can somebody tell her she is not a perky teenager anymore. Time to cover the Mama Fupa up. That part is gone and is not coming back. Time to dress her age now. I mean she can go to Kim Kardashian closet and wear some outfits— naw take that back, Britney ain’t got no ass or boobies to fit Kim K clothes. She needs to go to the GAP or Old Navy and let them sponsor her. Cause now she just look like a drunk prostitute at some Trucker stop restroom.

  8. It’s interesting how hateful people are in this comment section.
    1. She can wear what she wants. She isnt living your approval.
    2. Stop stimagtizing and stereotyping mental illness. Having a diagnosis doesnt mean you are a danger to yourself or others. It also doesn’t mean you are incapable of taking care of yourself.

    You would be surprised by how many people have mental health struggles and are high functioning members of society.

    1. Well when you are a celebrity posting a video in whatever you put on, you are asking for approval. Why else is she doing it. Her image outside her voice is what made her popular. Its called constructive criticism. We get it her childhood was taken from her since the Mouse days but you can’t let people think wearing any and everything is ok. She is a mom and dressing like a truck stop prostitute is not a good image when you are known for your image. If people have a problem with what Lizzo wears, just because Britney is not Lizzo size means its ok for her to wear anything. I love Lizzo’s confidence and self love with her body. Celebrity outfits has a lot to do with how people in the world want to go outside. Rhianna’s Men’s Fenty Collection. Image is everything.

  9. Britney Spears had some shitty things happen to her, but she is also clearly unwell now as well, and the #freebritney crowd is more concerned with her doing what she wants to do than whether her increasingly erractic behavior is evidence she’s heading towards another bipolar episode. And anybody with family with severe mental illness would know, outside of a conservatorship, there’s little you can force your loved one to do unless you know exactly where they are and they are actively a harm to themselves & others, which could flip at any moment.

    Anyway, Britney doesn’t have a bad voice. She just needs to train again. She is shrieking here, but she also has been fake singing in a character voice since 1998. There were parts of her vocalizing that actually are quite soulful and there’s videos of her singing in her youth pre-Disney where Britney has a big probably alto voice singing jazz standards and soul music. She’s probably also used to autotuning too.

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