your co-workers ain’t your friends and this is one more reason why

when i was let go from my last job,
i found out someone i was “cool” with went back and told my bosses something i said.
it wasn’t anything malicious,
but i shared with the person how i was treated in that meeting.
they ran back,
told my bosses,
and the rest is history.
it hurt my feelings as i thought they had my back,
but again:

Your co-workers aren’t your friends.

you’ll meet a few who will stick by your side,
but others shouldn’t be trusted.
there is a lot of cutthroat shit that happens at work,
even with those you have lunch with every day.
^that jackal’s co-workers must have hated him because...

first off,
you aren’t at work and at a riot being a terrorist.
they are work but you smoking weed in the capitol building.
of course,
your co-workers were gonna snitch on you.

i thought it was this fool from this past entry.


to all those who went into that capitol riot:

Was it worth it?

all the arrests and firings don’t seem worth it now.

lowkey: it’s like when your co-workers see you on tv rather than being in the office.
best believe the biggest hating jackal is gonna be sending an email with a video to your boss.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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