i heard it was supposed to snow, but i didn’t hear anything about a shit storm

today has been a day.
it’s like if it ain’t one thing then it’s the other.
where do i start?

i woke up this morning and my unemployment wasn’t in my account.
i did the usual procedure of claiming and nothing.
 a few others on twitter were experiencing the same thing too.
i don’t know if it was a glitch or maybe it’s a day late,
but it seems like my claim has expired and i’ll need an extension.
when i tried to file a new claim,
it locked me out and telling me to call the unemployment number.

every single time i called throughout the day:

“All representatives are busy.
No one is available,
at all.
Hang up and call back periodically to hear the same message.”

they allowed unemployment until march,
but they canceled folks beforehand?

every single time there is an update to the apple watch,
i’m met with some error message telling me it can’t download because of space.
because of all the wiping,
i didn’t put anything on my apple watch.
wtf is taking up space without any apps on it?
so i have to wipe the entire watch and do a clean install over and over.
earlier today,
i called and was met with the most dismissive senior advisor i’ve ever spoken too.
that mofo hit me with:

too bad for you.
You are gonna have to wipe the watch over and over until you get a new one.
That’s the only option I have for ya.”

that had me so vex.
i’m still under warranty and something is wrong.
i felt myself wanting to cuss him tf out so i hung tf up from him.
i called back and got this other senior advisor that started off real buck.
she was intending on shutting me down,
but after i had to show her i know wtf i’m talmbout,
she scaled it all the way back.
not only that:

THIS IS THEIR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my watch only has 4 gb because its gps only.
they never mentioned that when i bought the watch.


i bought the watch in 2019.

they ended up taking my complaint to the executive board.
“we don’t know when someone will get back to you”.
is that so?

today has been an emotional shit storm.
i woke up feeling off and here we go.
let’s hope it’s just a glitch in the matrix that will be fixed by tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “i heard it was supposed to snow, but i didn’t hear anything about a shit storm

  1. Not just you. Some dude that wants me said he put Juju on me. If 2020 was weird, 2021 is about to be a mess.

      1. I asked. I curved him years ago. He was popping up recently. Everywhere. On apps. On social media. Back in town. So I asked if it was a coincidence and he said I should be seeing him in my dreams and unable to get him off of my mind. I didn’t confirm or deny. (He’s right)I’m sure you feel the shift with people going back to indigenous spirituality. They say we got powers on the 21st of December. I don’t know. I’m not scared of that stuff because I believe it only harms bad people but people do crazy things for love. shrugs

  2. …yes my brother but put it all in perspective. It’s just a watch. But the unemployment u gtta gt rght! I would suggest calling early in the morn soon as dey azz open. Side note-saw the undoing, I liked it. But Nicole Botoxed pulled stretched and stapled face had me in total disbelief. Overall the shit was gud but could we have had a more climatic finish. Geesh!

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